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A look back at the 2019 USSSA Kut4Sports Atlanta Major tournament report!






2019 Nationwide Conference USSSA


Kut4Sports Atlanta Major


Marietta, GA


May 24-26


Championship Sunday – Dan Smith vs Beckham Brothers


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Dan Smith outfielder Andrew Collins hits against Riot Sports in the semifinals.  Riot won 37-29.

The Atlanta Major sponsored by Kut4Sports started on Friday night with 31 teams including 13 from the Conference USSSA.  The evening and morning games were perfect weather and the day games Saturday and Sunday were played in 92 degree heat with a breeze so it was tolerable.  The Dudley Classic M was used and there was full bat bucket bat testing with retesting for the Sunday games.  The heat softened up the core of the ball which resulted in lower scores overall.  On Friday the local teams took their best shot at the Conference teams and a few broke through for the upsets.  P and C Farms a 'D' from Georgia upset Competitive Edge (FL-A) 22-21 after Competitive Edge's center fielder robbed a game winning homer in the bottom of the 7th but PC still won on a walk off homer in the bottom of the 8th.  K-Pow (GA-C) who finished 2nd as a 'D' team a number of years ago upset T&W (OH-TBD) 22-15.  And Mayhem (GA-B) knocked off B&B/Cookies/Terry's (NC-A) 26-16.  The other 9 Conference teams advanced to the "round of 16" and Dan Smith had the only bye as the #1 seed.

In the "round of 16" Dan Smith (CA-Major) survived a late scare against Moneyman (MS-C) scoring 16 runs in the last two innings to win 32-26 as Andrew Collins went 5-6 in the game and Jo Jo Bennett hit 3 home runs.  Smash It/Precision (IL-AA) run ruled P and C 24-8, Riot Sports (FL-AA) Saturday morning shut out Sports Reach (KY-A) 20-0, and MPT Rentals beat Mayhem 23-9 in the loaded top part of the bracket.  In the bottom half Primetime (GA-A) knocked off K-Pow 22-15, Beckham Brothers (SC-A) survived a close one over Kut4Sports 24-22 in a game where a catch/no catch call affected the outcome of the game and Orlando Castillo down 1 with 2 outs in the bottom of the 7th hit a walk off 3 run homer for Beckham!  Non-Conference North Carolina 'B' team Briggs/CCP/Miken upset Baugh Ford (GA-TBD) 23-17.  And in possibly the best game of the tournament Premier/TG/HDLNS (OH-AA) and SNI/Worsham (FL-A) exchanged come from behind innings late in the game and Premier got an incredible pick of a hard shot by first baseman Adam Kaminski for an out and center fielder Ryan Uckotter robbed a game winning home run hit by SNI's Shawn Jones with 2 outs to force extra innings where SNI shut down Premier and won on a walk off homer by third baseman Jeff Roxby 28-27.

In the "round of 8" played at 3 PM on Saturday, SNI advanced past Briggs 27-22, Beckham Brothers beat Primetime 19-18 ending the game on a nice play by shortstop Orlando Castillo on a tough hop, Riot Sports beat MPT Rentals with the wind blowing in on field #5 13-10, and Dan Smith scored 12 runs in the top of the 7th to beat Smashit/Precision 36-30.  Steven Lloyd was 6-7 with 6 runs scored and Argen Dodds was 6-7 with 3 HR and 10 RBI in the win.

The "final 4" and winner's final then played out Saturday evening as it cooled off a little bit.  Riot Sports jumped all over Dan Smith going up 26-9 after 3 innings and they held a 9 run lead going into the top of the 6th as Dan Smith used up all of their 12 home run limit to get back in the game and Riot Sports center fielder Jordan Blanchette made a nice catch on the fence.  But Riot Sports scored 6 more runs in the bottom of the 6th to go up 37-27 going into the 7th and won 38-32.  Riot leadoff man Marcus Thornton was 5-6 with 2 HR, 5 runs, and 4 RBI in the game as well as making some solid backhand plays on the Dan Smith hard shots to shortstop.  In the other semifinal SNI came from a 17-2 deficit against Beckham Brothers to tie the game but lost 32-31 when they grounded into a double play and hit a homer for an out to end the game.  In the winner's bracket finals it was all Beckham Brothers as they smoked a banged up Riot Sports team 37-12 to go to Sunday undefeated!

In the loser's bracket Kut4Sports, Premier, Sports Reach, and B&B/Cookies all made long hot runs only to be knocked out by fresh teams dropping down from the winner's bracket with Sports Reach breaking through to finish 5th.  Then Dan Smith who lost in the semifinals took over the loser's bracket beating Sports Reach 39-13 on Saturday night as Santana went 5-5 with 5 runs scored.  They beat SIS/Precision 31-16 on Sunday morning at 8 am as Lloyd, Collins, Brungardt, Stovall, and Bennett all collected 4 hits.  They beat Riot Sports 31-8 in the loser's bracket finals scoring 26 runs in the middle innings.  And then they "double dipped" Beckham Brothers who was home team in both games, 35-30 and 27-24.  In the first game Beckham Brothers closed to within 26-25 in the 4th inning but Dan Smith center fielder Andrew Collins threw a seed to the plate to get a Beckham runner in the bottom of the 6th with two outs and the bases loaded to end what could have been a go ahead rally.  In the second game Dan Smith out homered Beckham 12-9 and held onto a 9 run lead in the bottom of the 7th when Beckham scored 6 and threatened to win.

Dan Smith moved up to 3rd in the Conference points and won their 2nd Conference event of the year but first since the Hall of Fame Dual #1.

Walters from Beckham Brothers hits against Riot Sports Donald "Buckshot" Plaisance in the winners final.

Beckham won 37-12


Team Breakdown:
31 Teams Overall
13 Nationwide Conference USSSA Teams
1 Major Teams
3 'AA' Teams
9 'A' Teams
6 'B' Teams
12 'C/D/E' Teams



Key Winner's Bracket Games

MVP Dale Brungardt hits in a quarterfinal 36-30 win over Smashit/Precision

MPT's Ryan Roppel laces a single over Riot Sports third baseman Evan Gallmeier.

Riot won though, 13-10 in the quarterfinals

The game of the week

The game of the week was the round of 16 game between SNI/Worsham in the grey and Premier/TG in white.

Above, SNI pitcher Sean Jones hits what he thinks is the game winning home run with 2 outs in the bottom of the 7th but Premier center fielder Ryan Uckotter (below) robs the home run bringing it back into the field to force extra innings.



In extra innings SNI held Premier to zero in the top of the 8th and then Jeff Roxby hit a walk off homer to win it!

This Moneyman homer put them ahead of Dan Smith late in the Friday night game. 

Dan Smith though batted around in the 6th inning to win 31-24.


Beckham Brothers shortstop Orlando Castillo hit a 3 run walk off homer to beat Kut4Sports 24-22 on Saturday morning.  Then Saturday afternoon he made a great play on a tough hop at shortstop to beat Primetime by a run!

Dan Smith middle infielder Ryan Stovall hits a no doubt homer against Smashit/Precision Sunday morning in a 31-16 win.

Riot Sports runs themselves out of an inning against Dan Smith in Smith's 31-9 win Sunday morning.

If you watch the video clips from Sunday you see that Buckshot slides and actually tries to reach around the tag.

It was close!

MPT Rentals beats a good Mayhem team 23-9


UIC Rob Mantlow working with the umpires and bat testing did a great job as always



Old Scout pollers had Dan Smith to win



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Long Bombers of the Week

Dan Smith slugger Argen Dodds was consistently hitting the heat of the day homers the furthest.

Argen led the team and probably the tournament in HR with 16 and RBI with 45



Atlanta Major Final Standings and Awards

Dale Brungardt who pitched the last 1.3 games and played 3rd while mashing in the 3 hole was Tournament MVP

.804 with 8 HR and 19 RBI


Dan Smith 2nd baseman Steven Lloyd was tabbed Defensive MVP

.711 with 14 extra base hits

Beckham Brothers 1st Baseman, 3 hitter, and Georgia native Justin Mackey was Offensive MVP



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1st Place – Dan Smith/Menosse/Steven Smith/FAI

Conf Major from CA  7-1 Record

Dan Smith changed up their schedule and added Atlanta in May simply to earn points.  In the semifinals when they used up their homers trying to come back against an early lead by Riot Sports they ended up losing.  This made for a long run through the loser's bracket as they beat Sports Reach late Saturday night, then Sunday they won 4 straight beating Precision, Riot Sports, and Beckham Brother twice for the championship, none of which were very easy.

They really gutted out those last 4 wins in the 92 degree heat and showed why they are a championship caliber team.  Santana seems to be getting healthy and moving up the lineup.  Rafael Hidalgo made some of the most incredible backhand plays on hard shots at both shortstop and 3rd base.  Jo Jo Bennett was moved to the outfield for a few games where he showed some great range.  Ben Dunn was out with a back tightness and Nino was pulled from a few games at pitcher but Nino showed some good power and struck out a bunch of batters against Beckham.  Collins in center and Brungardt pitching both stepped up playing out of position.  Collins made the most incredible assist of the year from right center field to homeplate to get the Beckham runner and allow Dan Smith to win that first championship game.  Check it out on the Sunday video clips!

Trending Up!

Dan Smith lineup Sunday
2B Steven Lloyd
CF Andrew Collins
P Dale Brungardt
C Argen Dodds
RF Nic Santana
LF Jason Matusik
MI Ryan Stovall
SS Jo Jo Bennett
3B Rafael Hidalgo
1B Davis Bilardello

Nino pitched most of the games.  Ben Dunn was injured with pulled hamstring.  Losson White was not there.


Nic Santana and Mike Nino


Jason Matusik, Rafael Hidalgo, Jo Jo Bennett

Andrew Collins could have been MVP as well running CF in place of the injured Ben Dunn, onbase .761 with 11 HR, 33 RBI, and 11 doubles.






2nd Place – Beckham Brothers/Pure/Exclusive

Conf 'TBD' from SC  5-2 Record


Beckham Brothers took advantage of the point standings which seeded all of the AA and Major teams at the top of the bracket, leaving Beckham and a couple other TBD/A teams to fight it out in the bottom half.  Beckham took full advantage as they beat a good Kut4Sports team 24-22 in a game that could have gone either way, they beat Primetime 19-18 with the gloves in the bottom of the 7th, knocked off SNI 32-31 Saturday evening, and then smoked Riot Sports 37-12 to win the winner's bracket.

On Sunday in the Championship they made a base running error down 3 in the 6th and got tossed out at the plate against Dan Smith and ended up losing 35-30.  Kyle Cowart was 5-6 with 2 HR and 7 RBI in that loss.  In the "if" game they hung around but came up short again against a tired Dan Smith team even with the hammer 27-24.  Taylor Nichols hit 4 home runs in the final game.

The entire team played great ball, they learned to win all of those close games, and different players seemed to step up and pick others up in every single game.


Trending Up!

Beckham lineup Sunday
SS Orlando Castillo
CF Kyle Cowart
1B Justin Mackey
3B John Blanchette
C Devin Anderson
2B Michael Cirillo/Greg Walters
MI Travis Tucker
LF Peter Seiden
RF Taylor Nichols
P Dustin Midyette/Robbie Stinton


Kyle Cowart was all tournament while running center field.  John Blanchette the 3B was hitting for power.


MI Travis Tucker and LF Peter Seiden


The Blanchette brothers hitting and 3rd base.  Pitcher Robby Stinton


RF Taylor Nichols was all tournament, 2B Walters


Beckham manager Billy Register got tossed from game 1 of the championship.

Rookie relief pitcher Dustin Midyette did a great job and came up with some clutch hits.



3rd Place – Riot Sports/Hubs Pub/Klutch/Showtime

Conf 'AA' from FL  4-2 Record


Riot Sports won by forfeit on Friday night, smoked Sports Reach 20-0 Saturday morning, then won that pillow fight with MPT Rentals 13-10 to make it to the Final 4 undefeated.  In the semifinals playing shorthanded with and without injured players they knocked off Dan Smith 37-29 after jumping out to a 26-9 lead.  Marcus Thornton and BJ Fulk each had 5 hits in the game, Mike Ortiz hit a grand slam, and center fielder Jordan Blanchette made a nice catch on the fence in the big win.  But then Riot turned around and lost the winner's final late Saturday night to Beckham Brothers and the "walking wounded" lost the loser's final to Dan Smith Sunday morning.  A great weekend though for Riot who moves up to 11th in the Conference points.  Just think if they get healthy?

Trending Up!

Riot Sports Sunday Lineup
SS Marcus Thornton
RF Mike Ortiz
C BJ Fulk
LF Scott Hartling
2B Tre Campbell
3B/P Donald Plaisance
1B Evan Gallmeier
CF Jordan Blanchette
C Bruce Dady
P Kevin Johnson
MI Taylor Beach


Buckshot played some 3B.  Keith Martin with his 18 year old baseball playing son he picked up to pinch run


BJ Fulk is starting to get back into the groove


Hartling and Campbell were all tournament selections

Gallmeier at 3B and Marcus Thornton at SS



4th Place – Smashit/Precision/3rdStreet/BullDawg/BPharm

Conf 'AA' from IL  5-2 Record


Precision rolled through their first two games and then because of the points standings ran into Dan Smith in the round of 16.  They were beating Dan Smith 26-24 and had the hammer going into the 7th inning but Dan Smith scored 12 runs to win it 36-30.  In the loser's bracket Precision crushed Premier, MPT, and SNI by a combined score of 91-15!  Then on Sunday morning they got their rematch with Dan Smith but eventhough Dan Smith seemed to be waiting around on Precision, Precision was unable to mount a comeback in a 31-16 loss.  Vitcak, Magnum, Flood, Keske, and Umschied all put up some big numbers offensively.  Magnum playing close to home had 10 HR and 19 RBI.  Vitcaks onbase percentage was .895!

Trending Up!

SIS/Precision lineup vs Dan Smith
2B Jeff Flood
RF Brad Lunda
SS Mike Umschied
C Jason Magnum
P Andrew Vitcak
LF David Kessler
MI Jeff Keske
3B Heath Barnes
CF Austin Andrews
1B Frank Fracek
P Roger Drake

Precision left side Barnes, Umschied, and Keske


MI Jeff Keske and 1B Frank Fracek have been with Precision for many years



Tied 5th Place – Sports Reach

Conf 'A' from KY  5-2 Record


Sports Reach lost their 2nd game to Riot Sports by an unexplainable 20-0 score.  They regrouped however and beat a good Mayhem team 24-22, Primetime 23-8, and Briggs 25-3 before Dan Smith sent them home late Saturday night 39-13.  Jonas had a nice debut pitching.  Josh Fryman, Jason Hatley, Kaden Watson, and Bryan Bradler led the offense and Jacob Clifton had 10 HR and 26 RBI.

Trending Up!

Sports Reach lineup vs Dan Smith
Zach Watts/Daniel Merck
Josh Fryman
Robert Blackburn
Jacob Clifton
Jason Hatley
CJ Jacinto
Brian Mays
Bryan Bradler
Kaden Watson
Ben Gambill
Tony Ford



Fryman at 3rd stabs a liner

Brandon Jonas returned to Conference pitching for Sports Reach



Tied 5th Place – SNI/Worsham/AllOut/ATWL/Easton

Conf 'A' from FL  3-2 Record

SNI pulled off that huge extra innings win over Premier 28-27 on Saturday morning when Jeff Roxby hit a walk off homer.  Then they beat a good Briggs team by 12 before losing a heart breaker to Beckham Brothers 32-31 and then getting smoked by Precision 39-6.  This team has beaten 3 'AA' teams now and I feel they are inching forward up the 'A' division.  The lineup has some depth, the defense and pitching are capable and the team is on the cusp of some good runs.

Trending Up!

Aaron Sandoval hits a big homer against Premier





Tied 7th Place – Briggs/CCP/Miken

'B' from NC  3-2 Record

Briggs upset Baugh Ford 23-17 in their second game and beat B&B/Cookies 31-22 to finish tied for 7th.  They lost a group of players since their run at Myrtle Beach a few weeks ago but picked up shortstop Ian Sidebottom and Tyler Cobb and didn't miss a beat.  If you watch some of the archived games Briggs catcher #4 Cory Hill has one of the best base hit swings in the game.  It doesn't seem to matter who they put on the roster, they still find ways to win.  8-2 vs 'A' now, 6-4 vs 'B', and 1-2 vs 'AA'.



Tied 7th Place – MPT Rentals/EVO9X

Conf 'A' from NJ  3-2 Record

MPT shut down some local teams in their early wins, then lost a pillow fight to Riot Sports 13-10.  In the loser's bracket they sent home a good Kut4Sports team before losing to Precision 31-3.  MPT just did not have enough offense in Atlanta and played without middle infielder Pedro Sanchez who has asked for his release.  The defense was good though, for the most part.

Trending Even

Ulmer provides a lot of power for MPT




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Some more pictures for you:

Tied for 9th – B&B/Cookies/Terry's/Demarini (NC-A) 3-2 – B&B merged with Cookies and Terry's and changed over a lot of their roster.  They were upset by Mayhem then won 3 in the loser's bracket before Briggs sent them home 31-22


Tied for 9th – Premier/TG/HDLNS/4With.com/Easton (OH-AA) 3-2 – Premier/TG made quick work of D2E on Friday night and then lost an overtime game with SNI 28-27.  In the loser's bracket they sent home a local team and Baugh Ford before Smashit/Precision beat them 36-14.  They did have the best uniforms though with the Browns colors.  🙂


Tied for 9th – Kut4 Sports/OI Livingston/Worth (GA-B) 3-2 – Kut4Sports went 3-2 and gave Beckham Brothers all they could handle on Saturday morning



Tied for 9th – Primetime/Evolution/FAI/Easton (GA-A) 2-2 – Playing in their home state of Georgia didn't help Primetime much as they beat two local teams but lost to Beckham Brothers by 1 in the quarterfinals with the bats in their hands, and then Sports Reach beat them by the run rule.

Baugh Ford tied for 13th after losing to Briggs 23-17 in the 2nd round as their offense never did get going in that game.  Then they beat T&W 32-29 before Premier/TG sent them home 27-23


Competitive Ege/C&R Equipment went 1-2 losing to P and C Farms on Friday 22-21 then after beating a local team they were sent home by Sports Reach 23-12

Bobby Noeth Sr pitching and Jr at 3rd base for T&W who went 1-2 after losing to K-Pow on Friday night and falling into a tough spot in the loser's bracket

Lunda, Santana, Flood, Nino. Bilardello, and Brungardt are all Demarini hitters

Jo Jo Bennett, Andrew Collins, and Jason Matusik taking a marketing photo for Worth/Miken

Pat Dalsanders did the batter's box for the semifinals

Bridger and Greer who won USSSA 'B' Worlds back with Down 2 Earth Sports was playing for Drew's new team

Don't ask don't tell.  Actually these guys were having cramping and back tightness in the 92 degree heat

The Sunday Umpiring Crew

Field #3 during the Saturday night fireworks from the fair going on down the street

Main field #4


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