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2019 USSSA Conference Championship tournament report!

Note I was at the 'A' World in the back of the park and missed most of the Conference Championships so this is an abbreviated report.

2019 Conference Championships


Viera, FL


8/30 – 8/31

Brian Wegman of Resmondo hits against Andy Purcell and TDB in the winner's bracket championship Saturday night

Resmondo won yet another tournament on the big fields as they went 3-1 to win the 2019 Conference Championships in Viera, Florida at the Space Coast stadium.  The fences there are 325-365-385-365-325 and the 6 team tournament used the Dudley Stadium ZN.  Resmondo pitched LC Watson the entire tournament until he had to leave in the championship game to catch a flight.  Resmondo didn't win any of the games by the run rule but beat Dan Smith twice and TDB in the winner's final.  They gained some points in the standings but not enough to surpass TDB for the #1 seed at the Major.  Here is a link to the Conference points  once they are updated.  The tournament used an accelerated bracket format where they began on Friday at 3 PM and finished Saturday early afternoon.  All but 1 of the games was played in the stadium.

Link to the 2019 Conference Championship video clips


Link to the Conference Championship picture album


2019 Conference Championship bracket and results link


2019 Conference Championship archived games link

Check out the winner's bracket finals between Resmondo and TDB.  Don Jr the CEO announced the game with Bernie Guenther



Resmondo left fielder Jeremy Yates was MVP

Resmondo pitcher LC Watson pitched most of the innings.

"Lets Go!"…"Role player"



TDB's Ryan Harvey and Josh Riley were hitting them over the batters eye in CF (385 at the fence)



Dan Smith middle infielder Daniel Cayton makes a "Reyna like" sliding stop and throw.

Check it out in the video clips.  Dan Smith finished 2nd.

Pure Sports finished 4th

Chad Mullins of Bay Area Legends who finished 5th hits against Dan Smith back on the Red Quad field

Nightmare tied for 5th

Championship Conference Umpires

4 teams – Xtreme, Precision, Thunder, and Newbreed all dropped out of the tournament at the last minute stranding some of their players in Florida who had already travelled there.



Winners Bracket Boxscores


Game #1



Game #2



Game #3



Game #4



Game #7



Game #10


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