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2019 USSSA ‘AA’ World tournament report!


2019 USSSA 'AA' World Tournament


Space Coast Complex


Viera, FL


September 14-15


In the winners bracket championship Sunday morning Bay Area Legends was down 1 run against Newbreed with the bases loaded and 2 outs in the bottom of the 7th when Chad Mullins hit this no doubter GRAND SLAM to win the game and propel Bay Area to their USSSA 'AA' World Championship!


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Team Breakdown:
 10 Teams Overall
9 Nationwide Conference USSSA Teams
8 'AA' Teams
1 'A' Teams
1 'C' Teams



Winner's Bracket Games

Game #1

Newbreed hits against Grumpy Growlers

Grumpy Growlers a 'C' team had no chance against Newbreed (WA-AA) as Newbreed out homered them 9-2 and finished them off 28-8 by the 20 run mercy rule when they scored 14 runs in the bottom of the 4th inning!  Newbreed 1st baseman Ryan Ramirez hit 3 homers in the game.



Game #2

Rebels Cory Large hits against Riot Sports Losson White

Rebel Sports (MI-AA) overcame a 13-2 deficit against Riot Sports (FL-AA) outscoring them 27-23 in the last 5 innings and winning on a Demario Boyd walk off homer in the bottom of the 7th!  Boyd was 3-5 with 2 HR and 5 RBI in the win.



Game #3

MPT opens up against Xtreme

#3 seed Xtreme (MN-AA) scored in every inning against #6 seed MPT (NJ-A) but a base running error (forgetting how many outs there were) and some shoddy defense found them with just a 17-16 lead going into the 6th inning.  MPT then took advantage and scored 9 runs in the top of the 6th and held on to pull off the upset 25-21.  Xtreme out homered MPT 12-11 but JD Genter and Zach Smith had 3 home runs each for MPT in the victory.



Game #4

A decent crowd gathered to watch Thunder and Precision who were both sponsored by Smash It Sports


#5 seed Thunder (NY-AA) jumped all over the #4 seed Precision (IL-AA) getting out to a 17-1 lead after 2 innings as Precision made some tough errors in the 18 mph crosswinds which blew out to the left field corner all day.   But Thunder scored just 1 run in the 3rd and put up zeros in the 4th and 5th and left the door open for one of the better comebacks of the season.  Precision scored 10 in the 4th and 10 more in the 6th to take a 29-21 lead into the bottom of the 7th where Thunder scored 7 but left men on with home runs to hit and Precision won 29-28.  Precision used all 12 of their allotted home runs, Thunder 11.  And Jason Magnum was the only person to hit homers out to the right of center field in that wind.  All games on Saturday were played on that same field.  Magnum was 4-5 with 4 HR in the game.



Game #5

#2 Nightmare (MO-AA) was leading 7-2 in the early going against #7 Newbreed (WA-AA) when the two teams each scored 10 runs.  But Nightmare had a 26-18 lead going into the bottom of the 6th where Newbreed put up a 10 spot to take a 28-26 lead and held Nightmare scoreless in the 7th to win.  Clayton Farrar had 4 HR and 7 RBI in the victory.



Game #6

In the quarterfinals #1 Bay Area (CA-AA) scored 10 runs in the 3rd inning and used some great pitching to beat Rebel 25-16.  They out homered Rebel 11-7 and 8 different players hit a homer for Bay Area in the win.



Game #11 Semi Final

MPT Rentals got off to an 11-0 lead on Newbreed


In the winners bracket semifinals MPT Rentals (NJ-A) jumped out to leads of 11-0 and 16-2 against Newbreed (WA-AA).  But Newbreed never gave up as the night brough calmer winds and they scored 12 runs in the bottom of the 5th inning and backup pitcher Victor Cordova shut down the MPT offense to just 8 runs over the last 6 innings.  Then in the bottom of the 7th Newbreed outfielder Lee Payne hit a triple with the his team trailing by 1 and Adam Ussery got an infield single after an intentional walk to win the game and complete the comeback!  Each team only hit 4 HR and Newbreed shortstop Brandon Raines had 7 RBI.



Game #12 Semi Final

Bay Area scored in every inning of their semi final win over Precision and won by the 20 run mercy rule 24-4 after holding Precision to zero runs through the first 3 innings.  Mullins, Marshburn, Edwards, and Stewart were all 3 for 3 in the game.



Game #15 Winners Final

Bay Areas Tyler Wilson gets a clutch hit in the bottom of the 7th against Newbreed

The winners bracket finals matched #1 seed Bay Area against an unlikely opponent in Newbreed who found ways to beat Nightmare and MPT at the end of those games.  Neither team could put any big innings together and before we knew it the game was in the 7th inning and the game was tied at 13-13.  Newbreed scored one run in the top of the 7th and Bay Area came up in the bottom half of the inning and the first batter Steve Edwards hit a 325 shot down the left field line and Newbreed left fielder Lee Payne leaped and reached over the fence and pulled it back for out number one!  The next hitter was the sponsor Joel Gonzalez who launched a deep shot into the wind down the right field line and Newbreed right fielder Brandon Traylor made an incredible "Willie Mays" style of the shoulder catch for out #2.  Then Bill Pinkham reached on an infield hit which was almost a diving play/out at 1st base, Tyler Wilson singled, and John Radich was walked.  This set up a 2 out game winning grand slam by Chad Mullins and Bay Area advanced to the championship!



Game #16

The 4th place game Precision jumped out to a 14 run lead on MPT and added 17 more runs in the 3rd inning and won easily 37-22.  Jason Magnum was 5-5 with 4 extra base hits.



Game #17

Losers bracket finals Precision hitting against Newbreed

41 runs in the first 4 innings for Precision did in Newbreed.  Magnum was 5-5 with 4 HR and 10 RBI, wow!



Game #18

Championship game with the temp fences set at 325 feet just like the fields in the back.

The championship was a bit anticlimactic as Bay Area turned an early ho hum 9-4 lead into a 24-8 lead with a 15 run bottom of the 4th and won easily by the run rule 24-9.  Tyler Wilson was 4-4 as the lead off hitter for Bay Area.

Austin Andrews the Precision center fielder made the most incredible diving catch that you have to check out in the video clips!


The Dudley Pro M ball seemed to do great.  Wasn't temperature sensitive.



Old Scout Pollers had Precision to win



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SoftballCenter Video Clips of the 'AA'



 USSSA 'AA' Final Standings and Awards

Bay Area Sponsor Joel Gonzalez

Bay Area pitcher Bill Pinkham and catcher Chad Mullins were Co-MVP's

Bay Areas middle infielder Ryan Mcclanahan was Defensive MVP

Smashit/Precisions Jason Magnum was Offensive MVP, Long Bomber of the Week and anything else you can give him!  I don't think he made an out and hit some serious bombs!



Team by team notes brought to you by:



1st Place – Bay Area/Rapid Fire/Bad Draw/Easton

Conf 'AA' from CA  4-0 Record

Bay Area put it all together and really kind of dominated the tournament with outstanding pitching, defense, and that timely home run from Mullins in the winners final.  Them and Precision and Thunder were the best 3 'AA' teams all year but Bay Area was the one that put it all together beating Precision twice in the tournament. 

Tyler Wilson at lead off was getting plenty of extra base hits

3B Brady Stewart, SS Chente Granados, MI Ryan Mcclanahan


Tyler Marshburn and John Radich


Dave Johnson knocks down a grounder at 2nd base

CF Freddie Bynum makes a diving attempt



2nd Place – Smashit/Precision/3rd Street/Bulldawg

Conf 'AA' from IL  4-2 Record


Precision got 20 run ruled in that semi final vs Bay Area or we may have been writing about them as champions.  Jason Magnum may have had the best offensive performance in 'AA' history and Andrews in CF was making some ESPN type highlite catches but it just wasn't meant to be.


Vitcak and Tabler hit huge homers in that comeback win over Thunder


This actually ended up being touched but not caught


Keske makes a diving stop in the middle

Vitcak pitching, Umschied at 3rd



3rd Place – Newbreed/Cutter LLC

Conf 'AA' from WA  3-2 Record


Newbreed won close games over Nightmare and MPT and almost pulled off the upset of the year against Bay Area but was one play away.  Ramirez and Farrar hit some big homers and Victor Cordova, Kramer Burns, and Sam Christensen were all tournament.  And how about those catches by Lee Payne and Brandon Traylor that almost won them the winners bracket!  

LF Lee Payne made a number of great catches





4th Place – MPT Rentals

Conf 'A' from NJ  2-2 Record


MPT had that 11 run lead on Newbreed and let it slip away in the semifinals but a great run for one of the better 'A' teams in recent years.

Kyndrich Doggett was interim manager



Tied 5th Place – Rebel Sports/TN/Troupe/M24/GameBrand

Conf 'AA' from MI  2-2 Record

Rebel had a nice comeback win over Riot and they also beat Thunder early Sunday morning on a walk off homer by Joe Dorton.  Unfortunately the livestream archive cut off and I wasn't able to grab that clip…sigh


P Jeff Graus, SS Ricardo Lizcano, 3B Joey Formosa



Tied 5th Place – Riot/Hubs Pub/Klutch/A&A Utility

Conf 'AA' from FL  2-2 Record

Riot blew that lead against Rebel in their opener and the rest was downhill from there.

CF Corey Newman with the 007



Other top finishing Conference teams



Tied 7th Place – SIS/Thunder/Miken/Worth/Anarchy/OA

Conf 'AA' from NY  1-2 Record

Thunder just wasn't themselves after coming out of the gate hot against Precision and fading away mid game.


3B John Williams, SS Zach Messer, and MI Brian McBryde



Tied 7th Place – Nightmare/Miken

Conf 'AA' from FL  0-2 Record

Nightmare was 2 and Q after losing a close one to Newbreed in the opener.




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Some more pictures for you:

Tied for 9th – Xtreme (MN-AA) – Xtreme had an awesome spot in the bracket but lost two and out.

It was a clean slide.  Notice the 1st basemans foot covering the entire base

Video says trap

White Demarini field at Space Coast Complex

Demarini all tournament players Kramer Burns, Tyler Wilson, Victor Cordova, and Jeff Flood with Newbreed manager Ryan Lekness and Demarini marketing guru Mike Cornell

Mcclanahan with his dad and the grand kids

Conference Umpires


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