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2019 USSSA 40th Annual Busch Arkansas Major tournament preview!




40th Annual 


"Busch Softball Classic"


Nationwide Conference USSSA!


July 5-7


Tournament Preview


40th Annual Arkansas Busch Classic Brackets and team list  CENTRAL TIMES

Link to the Busch website


The 40th Annual Busch Classic in Little Rock, Arkansas will be this Friday through Sunday.  180 teams across 6 mens and womens divisions highlighted by the Conference mens and womens Major.  The mens major tournament features 26 'C' and above teams including 3 from the Nationwide Conference USSSA.  Resmondo will be the heavy favorite and will be challenged by the 3 regional 'A' teams.  The winner will receive 180 points!

A few of the umpires are helping put up the livestream so please be patient as it is not in their normal responsibilities to do this and we appreciate their help.  They have 3 iphone cameras, and I believe 2 will be on the Major and one on the women's Major.  The women's Major has 28 teams!.

Livestreaming on Chat Room

Link to the Busch Classic facebook page


Team Breakdown 
26 Teams Overall
  3 Conference USSSA Teams
  1 Major , 3 'A' Teams
8 'B' Teams  14 'C' Teams



Shea Nations Picks

This weekend at the 40th Busch Classic Major NIT in Sherwood, AR will have 25 teams and 3 Nationwide Conference USSSA teams in attendance including 1 major, 0 AA, 1 A, 1 B and 22 local teams.  Resmondo/SIS/Thunder/RDD/H.Auto is the #1 overall seed and clear-cut favorite.  The other Conference teams looking to upset the Major team are: VIVID and Wood Law / Olmito Heat / Club Chill.  Also, non-conference teams Play the Game and Steel Sports would like a shot at upsetting Resmondo.

Busch Predictions:  The final 4 undefeated should be: Steel Sports versus Play the Game a local Arkansas team lead by ex-major player Tim Howard and Resmondo versus B&B.  Resmondo should cruise to Sunday as the undefeated team.  In the losers bracket I predict Wood Law to fight its way back to the 4th place game after the Elite 8 upset to Steel Sports.  We could see some upsets from local Texas C team Washouts/Paul Ryan Windows/VSP and local Illinois B team SWIING KIINGZ/OA/ICONIC/SPIDERZ.

Shea's Final Picks for the Busch Major:
1. Resmondo/SIS/Thunder/RDD/H.Auto
2. Play The Game
3. Steel Sports
4. Wood Law / Olmito Heat / Club Chill
5. Washouts/Paul Ryan Windows/VSP
    B & B Drywall


Oldscout pollers went with Resmondo 83%



Hot then cooler then Hot



611 Bear Paw Rd
Sherwood, AR 72120

Fences 300



Past Winners


2018 Winner – Empire/Acadiana Bar and Grill

2018 Tournament Report


2017 Winner – Seminoles/TPS/NACSF.Inc/Miken

2017 Tournament Report


2016 Winner – AllOut/PowerhouseSportz/IzzySports

2016 Tournament Report


2015 Winner – Fence Brokers Inc/Buzini/Worth

2015 Tournament Report

2014 Winner – B&B Drywall/Easton

2013 Winner – Fence Brokers Inc/Hubs Pub/GTS/Worth


2012 Winner – The Scene

2014 Arkansas tournament report link

2012 Arkansas tournament report link

YouTube Preview Image

Here is the first part of the championship game from 2012

YouTube Preview Image

Here is second part of the championship game from 2012


Past tournament results

2018 Results
1 LA-B Empire/Acadiana Bar and Grill
2 TX-A Vivid/Killbombers/OA/Easton
3 TX-A All Out/A&A/Steel Sports/ASP/Miken
4 OK-A Seminoles/TPS/NACSF/Miken

2017 Results
1 OK-A Seminoles/TPS/NACSF/Miken
2 TX-A AllOut/Klutch/Worth
3 TX-A Steel Sports/Powerhouse Sportz/Miken
4 AR-B Fence Brokers Inc/Worth

2016 Results
1 TX-A AllOut/PowerHouseSportz/IzzySports
2 TX-AA Vivid/Klutch/Worth
3 TX-B Olmito Heat/DiamondKingz/Miken
4 TX-B Steel Athletics/Miken/Powerhouse

2015 Results
1 AR – Fence Brokers Inc/Buzini/Worth 5-0
2 TX – Steel 4-2
3 MS – HGC/BWW 4-2
4 AR – Bear Hollow Ranch/CL/Buzini/Easton

2014 Results
1 MO-B B&B Drywall/Easton
2 MO-C Nightmare/Louisville Slugger
3 MS-C Sportscenter/MS/Worth
4 MS-B Chaps/BWW/Worth/Buzini

2013 Results
1 AR-B Fence Brokers/Hubs Pub/GTS/Worth
2 TX-B ASPNation/Dynasty/Reset/Easton
3 AR-C Aftershock
4 MS-C Pro Gutter

2012 Results
1 NY-B The Scene
2 MS-B
4 TX-C Miken mafia /

2011 Results
1 AR-B Fence brokers/gametime supply/worth
2 TX-B Texas Miken Softball Club
3 NE-B T's 13/Easton frozen
4 MS-B Bingo long's sports center/worth

2010 Results
1 AR-B Fence brokers/gametime supply/worth
2 MO-B Hub's Pub
3 IA-B Pipac/TCP/Easton
4 TX-A Wood Law/Miken

2009 Results
1 AR-B Fence brokers/illustrated sportsweaR
2 TX-A Wood Law/Combat
3 FL-A T&R Stucco/Worth
4 MS-B Sports center/bingo long/worth

2008 Results
1 AR-B 365 Fitness / Easton
2 FL-A Suncoast/RBK
3 AR-A Fence brokers inc/laservision/worth
4 AR-B Ill. sportswear/bonecrushers/mizuno

2007 Results
1 FL-M Resmondo Softball
3 FL-M bellcorp/belcher/tai/backman
4 AR-A wood law/quick roofing/worth

2006 Results
1 FL-M Bell corp/taylor/belcher/easton
1 FL-M Resmondo – KME Softball
3 OH-M Specialtytank/ stucco/k&g /worth
4 TN-A Jean shoppe/team mayhem/worth

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