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2019 USA Softball Super National tournament report!




2019 USA Softball Super National


Nashville, TN


August 15-16

H. Auto's Kyle Pearson hits against Dan Smith pitcher Dan Sanchez in the championship game!

H. Auto lead off man Brian Wegman consistently hit the hardest shots of the tournament


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H. Auto prepares for the championship game

The 2019 USA Super National tournament was played in Hendersonville, Tennessee outside of Nashville at the famous Drakes Creek Park that used to host the Twitty.  They used field #4 as the main field and it had a 325 foot home run fence all the way around.  The second field was a big baseball field.  There were 10 teams and 5 of them were Super teams including H. Auto (Helmers Resmondo group), Dan Smith, TDB, Monsta, and Anarchy.  The tournament was played in hot and humid conditions and used a 16 home run limit which never really came into play.  There was great defense, some hard fought wins, and a well deserved champion.  Below is a game by game review of the winners bracket games.

Dan Smith 2nd baseman Steven Lloyd trying to make another great play.  Check it out in the video clips!


TDB shortstop AJ Montano dives, knocks the line drive down, and some how back hand pitches the ball to 2nd.

Team Breakdown:
10 Teams Overall
5 Super Teams
 'A' Teams
 'B' Teams



Key Games/Boxscores

Game #3

Thursday T's 13 scored the first 11 runs of the game on the 325 foot softball field led by Donnie Hammonds who had the only home run of the game for them and a 4-4 performance by shortstop Chris Bauer.  Monsta climbed back into the game when they scored 13 runs in the top of the 6th to take a 17-12 lead.  But T's recovered to score the last 6 runs of the game on run scoring triples by Matt Schrage and Reggie Schulte and Monsta put up a zero in the top of the 7th giving T's an 18-17 win.  




Game #4

Over on the big baseball field Anarchy jumped all over Dan Smith scoring an incredible 15 runs in the bottom of the 1st inning and 9 more in the 4th.  Dan Smith never recovered and was run ruled in the 6th inning.  Anarchy out homered Dan Smith 8-5 as Cole Patterson at leadoff went 4-5, Filip Washington reached base safely all 5 times, and John Williams hit a pair of long home runs including a walk off homer to end it in a run rule. 



Game #5

Back on the softball field for game 5, Andy Purcell and the TDB group scored 5 runs in the top of the 4th inning to take a 12-7 lead and kept extending the lead from there in a 19-9 win over Comatose.  Ryan Harvey was 4-4 with 3 HR and 5 RBI in th win as TDB out powered Comatose 5 HR to 1.



Game #6

In game 6 of the 1st round H. Auto the favorite in the tournament jumped up on Heartland 18-1 in the first two innings and won easily 25-4.  Out homering Hearland 8-1.  Bubba Mack was 4-4 with 2 HR and 7 RBI in the win.  Ty Buck (Geno's son) hit the only homer for Heartland.




Game #11 – Semi Finals

The semifinals started at 10:00 AM on Friday morning as Dan Smith jumped out to a 12-4 lead on TDB on the softball field.  Both teams as you can see scored in almost every inning with Dan Smith just inching ahead until a late run by TDB fell 4 runs short.  TDB out homered Dan Smith 10 to 4 as Ryan Harvey hit 4 home runs himself.  But it wasn't enough as Dan Smith collected 8 doubles.



Game #12 – Semi Finals

In the other semifinal which was on the big baseball field H. Auto scored the first 13 runs of the game and held Anarchy to just 1 run on 6 hits.  They had 13 extra base hits to 1 including a grand slam by Brian Wegman.



Game #15 – Winners Bracket Finals

In the winners bracket finals H. Auto continued their hot hitting as they went up 19-5 on TDB and won by the 20 run rule in 4 innings.  Clark and Wegman were each 4-4 as H. Auto out homered TDB 16-1 and Travis Clark hit 4 homers.




Championship Game!

In the losers bracket Dan Smith sent home OC, Heartland, T's 13, Anarcy, and TDB to make it to the championship after losing their first game Thursday night and playing all day Friday.  They were tired and banged up but still managed to jump out to a 24-19 lead after 4 innings.  But a fresh H. Auto team dug down deep scoring 6 runs in the top of the 6th to take a 27-26 lead to the 7th.  They picked up 3 more in the top of the 7th on home runs by Kyle Pearson and Jeremy Yates and held off Dan Smith in the bottom of the 7th as shortstop Chente Granados turned a key double play.

H. Auto sponsor Bob Hortenbach receives the Championship trophy!

Field #4 was the show field and was 325 feet all the way around.


Field #13 was 320-350-370-350-320




Old Scout pollers had H. Auto 59%



Video Highlites brought to you by:

2019 Super Nationals VIDEO CLIPS link!



Long Bombers of the Week


Anarchy's John Williams and Dan Smith's Argen Dodds hit the longest balls and both were on Friday night.

Dodds also tied for most home runs with 9.



 Super Nationals Final Standings and Awards

2019 USA Softball Super Nationals Final Results
1st 4-0 H.Auto/RDD/Sprizzi/S&S/Easton
2nd 6-2 Dan Smith/Menosse/Steven Smith/FAI
3rd 2-2 TDB
4th 2-2 ANARCHY / SIS / OA Apparel
5th 1-2 Ts 13/Monsta/CTE
5th 2-2 Comatose/S2N/Monsta
7th 1-2 Monsta Athletics/Black Sheep
7th 1-2 Heartland Investors
9th 0-2 LJ Sportswear
9th 0-2 OC/Drip City/MONSTA



H. Auto pitcher Travis Clark was MVP, Batting Champ, and tied for most home runs with 9


2019 Super Slow Pitch All-Americans

Tournament MVP – Travis Clark – H. Auto/RDD/Sprizzi/S&S/Easton
Batting Champion – Travis Clark
Home Run Champ – Travis Clark, Agen Dodds (Dan Smith/Menosse/Steven Smith/FAI)

INFIELD: Kyle Pearson – H. Auto/RDD/Sprizzi/S&S/Easton
INFIELD: Bubba Mack – H. Auto/RDD/Sprizzi/S&S/Easton
INFIELD: Daniel Cayton – Dan Smith/Menosse/Steven Smith/FAI
INFIELD: Greg Connell – H. Auto/RDD/Sprizzi/S&S/Easton
INFIELD: Steven Lloyd – Dan Smith/Menosse/Steven Smith/FAI
OUTFIELD: Brian Wegman – H. Auto/RDD/Sprizzi/S&S/Easton
OUTFIELD: Flip Washington – Anarchy/SIS/OA Apparel
OUTFIELD: Ben Dunn – Dan Smith/Menosse/Steven Smith/FAI
PITCHER: Travis Clark – H. Auto/RDD/Sprizzi/S&S/Easton
UTILITY: Steele Lewis – H. Auto/RDD/Sprizzi/S&S/Easton
UTILITY: Josh Riley – TDB
UTILITY: Ryan Harvey – TDB
UTILITY: John Nelson – Dan Smith/Menosse/Steven Smith/FAI
UTILITY: DJ Hollingsworth – TDB


USA Softball doesn't give out Defensive MVP's but my pick would be H. Auto MI Kevin Bazat



Team by team notes brought to you by:



1st Place – H.Auto/RDD/S&S/Easton

from MN  4-0 Record

H. Auto dominated offensively to win the Super this year and they were just so much more powerful on the big fields averaging over 10 HR per game.  Travis Clark led the way with 9 HR while Wegman, Mack, and Pearson also were in consideration for the top award.  The team got some great defensive plays from their pickup infielders Chente Granados, Jeff Flood, and Jeff Keske as well who were replacing Cory Briggs.  


Wegman and Pearson


Connell and Yates


Mack and Lewis


Granados and Keske


Ellwanger and Reckart


Bazat and Flood




2nd Place – Dan Smith/Menosse/Steve Smith/FAI

from CA  6-2 Record


Dan Smith had their regular team except for Ryan Stovall.  They were upset by that 1st inning by Anarchy and then played all day on Friday to get back to the championship and even though they were banged up they still had that lead late in the game on H. Auto and almost forced an "if" game.  Ben Dunn had 10 extra base hits and led the team with a .724 average.


Collins and Dunn (Dunn robbing a homer)


Brungardt 3B, Bennett SS, Cayton MI


Nelson 1B, Lloyd 2B, Cayton MI


Plaisance and Sanchez shared the pitching duties



3rd Place – TDB

from NC  2-2 Record


TDB played without regulars Jason Branch, Everett Williams, and Bryson Baker.  They picked up Brady Stewart, Justin Mucciarelli, and Donald Hollingsworth.  They were looking good enough offensively and defensively until Purcell left (he had an early flight thinking the tournament would be over by Friday evening).  Then they kind of fell apart after his departure.


Bloomer played RF and Brady Stewart played 3B


Purcell pitched til he had to leave then Mucciarelli took over


Riley and Harvey again had big weekends



4th Place – Anarchy/SIS/OA Apparel

from NY  2-2 Record


Anarchy had that huge upset of Dan Smith on Thursday night and it looked like the new kids on the block might make a run.  But then they scored just 1 run against H. Auto Friday morning and recovered to a 4th place finish by beating Comatose before Dan Smith exacted revenge on them.

Filip Washington was on base successfully all 12 plate appearances

Racobaldo homers

Andrew Vitcak did most of the pitching for Anarchy

3B Williams, SS Bynum



Tied 5th Place – Ts 13/Monsta/CTE

from NE  1-2 Record

T's 13 had a nice opening round upset of one of the favorites Monsta when they got that big lead early, blew it, and then recovered to win by a run.  From there they got trounced by TDB and lost to Dan Smith.  They have a nice contingent of Xtreme players with Shannon Smith, Schrage, and Toby Letak as well as middle infielder Orlando Castillo from Beckham and Donnie Hammonds from Pure Sports.


Schrage played 3B, Bauer SS, and Letak MI



Tied 5th Place – Comatose

from WI  2-2 Record

Comatose pulled off a big losers bracket win over Monsta to propel them to 5th place.  A couple of their players stepped up big offensively late in that one to pull off a 20-17 win.

Robert Guzman hit this grand slam to sink Monsta

Former EWS player Brandon Reise looks the same as he did 10 years ago





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Some more pictures for you:

Monsta had a rough super for the 2nd year in a row.  It isn't like they played terrible as the field of teams was as strong and deep as any super field in decades.  Matt Fox, David Johnson, Steven Lopez, Tim Martinez, and Jared Hunt led the offense.  Rettenmeier made some incredible plays defensively and Faron Miller and Danny Lopez seemed to be splitting the pitching duties.

3B Johnson, SS Whaley, MI Rettenmeier









Tournament director Rich Cress with Demarini's Mike Cornell

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