Sunday March 29th, 2020

2019 USA Softball – Corky’s tournament report



2019 Corky's Early Bird Final Standings:


Super (16 Teams) =!/brackets/Results.php?TID=4764&BSID=4390

C (48 Teams) =!/brackets/Results.php?TID=4829&BSID=4470

D Owatonna (64 Teams) =!/brackets/Results.php?BSID=4480

D Faribault (64 Teams) =!/brackets/Results.php?TID=4824&BSID=4490



Super/Open Division:

1st – Monsta Athletics/Black Sheep (CA) – MVP – Steve Whaley 

May 3-5, 2019 – Monsta run ruled their way to the Championship of the 16 team Super division where they beat the winner of the two T's 13 teams 24-12.  There were 200 teams across 5 divisions at the Corky's this year as the tournament continues to grow in Owatonna, Minnesota.  The USA Super Nationals are in August this year in Tennessee.

2nd – T's 13/Monsta/CTE (NE)
3rd – T's 13/Monsta (NE)
4th – Comatose (WI)




1st – Red Stars (IA) – MVP – Nick King 

2nd – Stagecoach (MN)

3rd – Heroes (NE)
4th – Kelly's Little Nipper (IA)
Consolation: Dick Raimann Farms (MN)



D- Owatonna:

1st – New Breed/Gorillaz (IL) – MVP – CJ Spink
2nd – Carney Boys/S2N (WI)
3rd – Nasty Boys/OCC (MN)
4th – Clutch (IA)
Consolation: QCB (IL)




1st – Samurai Sams (NE) – MVP – Justin Davis 

2nd – MN Venom/KC/JetBlack (MN)
3rd – Pops/Spiderz/CA (WI)
4th – Main Pub (WI)
Consolation: Hit Squad (IL)




1st – CWS (MN)
2nd – Smoqehouse/Marvin Purrier (MN)
3rd – Station to Station (MN)



HR Derby Final Results

1. Tim Martinez
2. Tyler Anderson 
3. Zach Woodside



Director Loren Dietz receiving a 10 year service award.  Congratulations, and thank you for posting the pictures.

Link to the Corky's Early Bird Classic on Facebook

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