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2019 USA Softball ‘A’ Nationals tournament report!



2019 USA Softball 'A' Nationals


Hendersonville, TN


August 17-18

Championship game between Thunder and Precision


1st Place – Thunder/E.G.I. Foundation/Gillies Softball

Thunder won the USA Softball 'A' Nationals in Nashville, Tennessee.  They beat Precision/H.Auto/Sprizzi 25-10 in the winner's bracket finals Saturday night and 21-12 in the championship on Sunday.  Monsta Athletics was 3rd, TDB/FAI 4th, and Dan Smith/Sonnys and Ts 13 tied for 5th. 

Link to 'A' Nationals article on the tournament


Link to 'A' Nationals bracket, team list, and stats



Final Standings
1st Thunder/E.G.L. Foundation/Gillies Softball 4-0
2nd Precision/H.Auto/Sprizzi 3-2
3rd Monsta Athletics/Black Sheep 3-2
4th TDB/FAI 2-2
5th Ts 13/Monsta/CTE 3-2
5th Dan Smith/Sonnys 2-2
7th Comatose/S2N/Monsta 2-2
7th Anarchy/SIS/OA Apparel 1-2
9th Heartland Investors 0-2
9th LJ Sportswear 0-2
9th OC/Drip City/FD 0-2



Men's Class A Slow Pitch All-Americans

Batting Champion: Jeremy Yates
Home Run Champion: Dale Brungardt, David Johnson, Matt Fox (Monsta Athletics/Black Sheep)
Tournament MVP: Kyle Pearson

Infield: Jeremy Yates – Precision/H.Auto/Sprizzi
Infield: Kyle Pearson – Thunder/E.G.L. Foundation/Gillies Softball
Infield: Greg Connell – Precision/H.Auto/Sprizzi
Infield: Dale Brungardt – TDB/FAI
Infield: David Johnson – Monsta Athletics/Black Sheep
Infield: Bryan Dezern – Monsta Athletics/Black Sheep
Infield: Shannon Smith – Thunder/E.G.L. Foundation/Gillies Softball
Infield: Cory Briggs – Thunder/E.G.L. Foundation/Gillies Softball
Infield: Jeff Flood – Precision/H.Auto/Sprizzi
Outfield: Patrick Ellwanger – Precision/H.Auto/Sprizzi
Outfield: Steele Lewis – TDB/FAI
Outfield: Jason Matusik – TDB/FAI
Outfield: Ben Dunn – Thunder/E.G.L. Foundation/Gillies Softball
Outfield: Brian McBryde – Thunder/E.G.L. Foundation/Gillies Softball
Pitcher: Travis Clark – Precision/H.Auto/Sprizzi



USA 'A' Nationals Rosters




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