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2019 U.S. Challenge Cup tournament preview!




2019 U.S. Challenge Cup


March 29-30


Tournament Preview




The first ever U.S. Challenge Cup will be held this Friday and Saturday in Viera, Florida at the USSSA's Space Coast Stadium Complex.  There will be a HR Derby Friday night at 10 PM after games start at 5 PM.  Each division will have pool play to start on Friday evening and Saturday morning followed by a double elimination bracket Saturday afternoon and evening to determine the champions.  The Major division has 4 teams, 'C' has 3, 'D' has 6, 'E' has 7, and Womens Major has 3.  Teams are made up of all stars from each state within their classification.  The pool play for the Major is mixed with the 'C' but then will be broken out separately for the double elimination brackets.  The Major division will use stadium balls on the baseball fields.

2019 U.S. Challenge Cup Pool and Bracket links

Challenge Cup HR Rules
Major – 16
C – 4
D – 2 then Inning Ending Out
E – 0 Inning Ending Out


All games livestreamed on – and Facebook

10 PM Friday Night

$10 Buy In – In Stadium
8 Swings – 10 Pitches

Saturday Medal Ceremony For All Teams Prior to Men’s Major Championship Game

There will be a Full Broadcast team for the Championship Game Saturday Night plus IF GAME

The chat room here at will be up as well to discuss the games live.



23 Teams Overall
4 Major Teams
3 'C' Teams,
   6 'D' Teams,   7 'E' Teams,   3 Women's Teams



Space Coast Stadium 325-365-385-365-325

5800 Stadium Parkway
Melbourne, FL  32940


Fences are 325 feet on the back fields



Weekend Weather




The Rosters!


Team Florida Major
Andy Purcell
Luis Reyna
Jason Branch
Ryan Harvey
Davis Bilardello
Jeremy Yates
Orlando Castillo
Jason Matusik
Andrew Collins
Nic Santana
Jeff Bloomer
Michael Smith
Manager John Rector

Missouri Major
Barry Fentiman
Joe  Skyles
Mark Lamb
Charles Newell
Colby Hughes
Brandon O’Neal
Bobby O’Neal
Michael “Sid” Stephany
Kevin Bazat
Daniel Bean
Justin Hall
Marc Eddington
Wade Ferguson
Michael   Brown

Washington Major – No Roster

Pennsylvania Womens Major
Kylie Smeltz
Amber Walko-Ray
Tia Oconnell
Dani Fagan
Sam Sneeringer
Marlane  Engles
Mandy Hollman
Dee Brown
Ashley  Perez
Caitlin Robbins
Karen Pelkey
Madeline  Stowe
Jenna Martin
Heather Long

Washington Womens Major
Shana  Ray
Stefanie  Watt 
Kristina  Sherriff
Angela  Funamori 
Kylee  Studioso 
Ashley  Ozborn 
Christan  Dowling
Katie  Burdeaux 
Holly Kennison
Maggie DeWall

Oregon Womens Major
Nichole Fenimore
Kirsten “Kat” Winters
Carly  Moore
Michelle Best
Kayla  Bergerson
Chellsee Gould
Rebecca Brown
Siara Kellum
Anna Beard
Lauren Oman
Carly  Clappe
Monique Flores

Florida C
Andrew Holloway
Cody Ertle
Dominick Liso
Freddy Soria
Hector Rojas
Justin Hedges
Leonel Noguez
Matthew Mulroy
Michael Hernandez
Michael Klaff
Michael Mooney
Michael Rosen
Patrick Quinn
Robert Meadows
Sam Miller
Will Block
Ray Delvalle
Joseph Kampfer

Florida C – Best Lawn Pest/Storm
Andrew Holloway
Cody Ertle
Dominick Liso
Freddy Soria
Hector Rojas
Justin Hedges
Matthew Mulroy
Michael Klaff
Michael Mooney
Michael Rosen
Patrick Quinn
Robert Meadows
Sam Miller
Will Block
Ray Delvalle
Joseph Kampfer

Pennsylvania C – No Roster

Washington C
Kaeo Rubin
Jesse Gaylord
Jonathan Guzman
Noah McCurdy
Andy Hanson
Jeffrey Heaton
Tom Cooper
Morgan Roberts
Kyle Pierce
Guy Duhram
Jake White
Jon Williams
Adam Hanson
Daniel Connell
Rob Blackburn

Colorado D
TJ  Andersen
Brendan  Diaz
Toby  Shaw
David  Warner
Andrew  Nunez
Brett  Eyer
John  Ramirez
Garrett  Wahlen
Christopher  Rivera
Bradley Cassidy
Jay Leill
Ty  Wilson
Shawn  Glick

Florida D Here for Beer – No Roster

New Jersey D
Jeff De Sane
Jerel Elliott
Magnus Pollara
Jack Balmer
Chris Otero
Kevin Papics
Dan  O’Rourke
David Hockaday
Josh Tiuchty 
Bryan Bereza
Ryan Coryell
James  Palazzi

Oregon D – No Roster

Washington D
Sae Han Lee
Michael Buck
Jason Woods
Xavier McMillan
Brent Haugen
Bobby Price
Luis Ochoa
Sam Sherwood
Joe Oliver
Joey Whirl
Dan Rogers
Russell Foran

Wyoming D
Ervin Andujar
Chris  Baumann
Todd Cabrera
Myron Francesco
Garrett  Jackson
Tony MacMillan
Jake Patterson
Derek Ransom
Sean Robison
Jason Rodriguez
Mat Staskiewicz
Daniel Vallott

Florida E Violatorz – no roster

Florida E Down N Dirty
Thomas Gallentine
Jacob Bowsher
Jacob Bowsher Jr.
Chris Cymbolin
John Gans Iii
Daniel Flohr
Willie Harden
Travis Hill
Donrico Hooker
Robert Norton
James Sammons
Jarod Watts
Codye Miller
Jared Dykes

North Carolina E All Stars – No Rosters

Pennsylvania E Inferno – no roster

New Jersey E
Jerry Lorenc
Spencer Cohen
Greg Wyckoff
Steven  Percy
Tim Regan
Jeff Byers
Jared Riccio
Nick Locilento
Scott  Mcfadden
Mike Camarco
Ronnie Pacheco
Ryan Fegley
Paul Mitchell
Vinny Capone
Chris Lorenc

Washington E – No Roster


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