Monday July 15th, 2019

2019 T&W/BCG/Cornerstone/Pauer/Miken team!



2019 T&W/BCG/Cornerstone/Pauer/Miken

Head Coach – Eric Snyder
Assistant Coach – Mike Cruea
Assistant Coach – Phil Watkins

T&W – Woody Torline
Pauer Sports – John Radich
BCH – Van
Miken Sports – Jason Kendrick

IF Cody Angus
UT Jeff "JD" Daup
IF Jason Ferguson
IF Stevie Hendrickson
UT Dustin Hinken
OF Josh Kirsten
OF Mitch Lendenski
P Bob "Pops" Noeth
IF Bobby "Boom" Noeth
OF Cody Pack
IF Tony Payne
UT John Radich
UT Todd Roush
IF Jordan Rosenbalm
UT Frank Russo
SS Kyle Kannenberg
P Cory Cook
P Kyle Johnson
P Woody Torline

Tentative Schedule:
March 16-17 USSSA Bash for Cash
March 29-31 USSSA Las Vegas Major
April 6-7 GSL Slugfest
April 11-14 USSSA Hall of Fame Dual
May 10-12 USSSA Battle at the Beach
May 18-19 GSL Miken Hero Fund
May 24-26 USSSA City Slam
May 31 USSSA Windy City Major
June 14-16 USSSA Dudley Major
June 22-23 GSL King of the Hill
July 12-14 USSSA Smoky Major
July 19-21 USSSA Cincy Major
August 2-4 USSSA Columbus Major
August 16-18 GSL A World
August 30 USSSA A World

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  1. buckeye says:

    No Pinkham?

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