Tuesday June 18th, 2019

2019 Smash It Sports/Pure Sports team!


2019 Smash It Sports/Pure Sports (Major)

Filip Washington
Ryan Parfitt
Brad Carlsen
John Williams
Zach Messer
Tommy Melton
Josh Brown
Justin Mucciarelli
Donnie Hammonds
Ryan Ramirez
Nick Mitschke
Brett McCollum
Faron Miller
Brandon Dillon
Jared Hunt

Rich Schiffhauer – Smash It Sports.com
Craig Shaw – Pure Sports Tech.com

Tentative Schedule:
Las Vegas
Hall of Fame Dual
Hoosier Classic
Myrtle Beach
Columbus, Ohio
Conference Championships
Major World Series

5 responses to “2019 Smash It Sports/Pure Sports team!”

  1. Gus Gaskins says:

    I really njoyed watching the Pure team from last year & I can’t wait to watch this team. Good to see Filip & my boy John Williams back with the team. Hopefully if everything goes according to plan I’m a try make it to a couple of tourneys this year to watch em

  2. Alex says:

    Where is mcclanahan at?

  3. Gus Gaskins says:

    DW do u think these moves r enough to compete with Dan Smith & Resmondo

  4. Thomas Whitmore says:

    Chris Greinert is on this squad now??

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