Monday December 17th, 2018

UPDATED 10/5 9 AM – 2019 RUMORS from the chat room today

Updates 10/5/2018 9 AM SoftballCenter 2019 RUMORS Chat recap: 
– Resmondo will also be sponsored by Smash It, Thunder, RDD, H Auto and possibly more 
– Precision will become Smash It Sports/Precision/3rd Street/Bulldawg 
– Rumors that more Pure players signed with Monsta and allegedly can't play utrip. 
– Added Brian Zirkle and Tom Bloom to TDB 
– Verified L&S Glass is coming back to Conference 
– Verified Infamous will be putting something together for Conference 
– Added Jared Hunt to Pure 

These are rumors meant for fans of the game.  Actual rosters are not set until the player either signs a USSSA player contract for 2019 locking them onto a roster or logs in and signs the online roster on 

THESE ARE RUMORS with some sources behind them but are NOT OFFICIAL! 

Teams can email with corrections or to add sponsors/players/etc. 

2019 Major teams (4): 
 Resmondo Smash It Thunder RDD H Auto 
 Dan Smith 
 Pure Sports 

Jeremy Yates 
Steele Lewis 
Buddy Wolf 
Brian Wegman 
Pat Ellwanger 
Bubba Mack 
Cory Briggs 
Kevin Bazat 
Greg Connell 
Neil Haglund 
Travis Clark 
Kyle Pearson 
LC Watson 
Brad Reckart 

Dan Smith 
Ryan Stovall 
Ben Dunn 
Nic Santana 
Andrew Collins 
Dale Brungardt 
Jo Jo Bennett 
Jordan Spaulding 
Steven Lloyd 
Davis Bilardello 
Mike Nino 
Losson White 
Jason Matusik 
Argen Dodds 

Brandon Dillon 
Brian Zirkle 
Everett Williams 
Jason Branch 
Daniel Cayton 
Luis Reyna 
AJ Montano 
Kyle Pearson (1.5) 
Jason Martel 
Andy Purcell 
Ryan Harvey 
Josh Riley 
Tom Bloom 
Possibly Sam Christensen, Jon Nelson, Alexis Ramirez? 

Pure Sports 
Filip Washington 
Ryan Parfitt 
Brad Carlsen 
John Williams 
Brett Rettenmeier 
Tommy Melton 
Josh Brown 
Justin Mucciarelli 
Donnie Hammonds 
Justin Mackey 
Jared Hunt 
Robert Fow 

2019 AA and A Teams (8+): 
 Bay Area/Rapid Fire/Bad Draw/Easton 
 HDLNS/TG merger of some sort 
 Astros/Riot Sports 

2019 TBD (to be determined) (19) 
 Baugh Ford 
 Chanticlear Pizza 
 Classic Glass 
 Insane Sports? 
L&S Glass 
 Rebel Sports? 
 Sports Reach 
 Titans Trucking? 
 T&W/Cincy Softball/Pauer? 
New team – Mark P 

Haven't heard officially from (6): 
 Cheap Suits 
 Olmito Heat 
 Wood Law 

Teams that are rumored to be done (5): 
Pauer Sports/JBL is done for this year but might be back in 2020 



The softballcentermembers chat room crashed for the RUMORS chat so we are moved it over to SoftballCenter Chatwing chat software.  Very sorry it couldn't handle the 440 viewers. 

Rumor that Backman is out of softball. 
Backman rumored to be with Dan Smith. 

A few new A/B conference teams from the Carolinas are forming. 

A few new A/B conference teams from the Carolinas are forming. 
at least 3 groups are working from the carolina's to build for the conference 

Herb – I will be 71 in January – retiring from my full time Job in February so can not be a sponsor of note – will help a team with coordination, booking flights etc and with a few bucks if needed 

I heard Tradesmen is coming back with big changes. 

I heard Stars was no more as well. 

Nallys is done I was told 

Kirkwood to Precision 
Heard umsheid, vitcak and kirkwood to precision 
Heath to Precision 

No pauer from the Cincy Area, it will be Pauer with TW 

Lex, Big Jon, Sammy from Racks to TDB 

Parfitt returns w pure 

I read Ryan staying with monsta. Chente as well 
McClanahan. Jerrad Messersmith. Jared Hunt. Chente. Bryan Derzen. All are Monsta guys. All played on pure last season. Assuming most wont be back? 
From what i read, most monsta guys staying with Carl. 

Bloom staying on TDB 

Lewicki to Chanticlear 

Faron Miller maybe to hdlns/tg or tg/hdlns (all rumors) 

Heard Stewart and Edwards to riot possibly.. 

Wilson, Marshburn, Traylor is with Bay/Rapid/Bad Draw 

Classic is suppose to get guys from Arizona and another MAJ merge 

Schrage to Xtreme is the rumor 

Infamous possibly rebuilding. LS Glass rebuilding I think. Cheap suits? Possibly another NorCal team forming. 

Steel sports? Where is that sponsor going? Answer possibly Empire 

B&B comin back i heard 

Herbprice: talked with a lot of teams about our guys so who knows what happens but this is a high potential: Steve Edwards, Chad Mullins, Bill Pinkham, Brady Stewart headed there and maybe Kirkwood and Nelson to Riot Sports.  Riot still has Keith Martin, Mike Ortiz (both former Astros), Scotty Langford, Taylor Nichols, Pat Donohue.  I am still working with Riot's Jason to find a little more sponsor money. 

B. Scott probably staying with Pure– same with Price 
Scott and price out 

Payne with newbreed 

Yes Breezy with Pure, Messer out is the word 

BJ most likely with Newbreed. 
Bj not with newbreed 
Dirty with Newbreed I hear 

BJ to Bay Area/Rapid/Bad Draw 
Fulk/Price/Scott to Rapid Fire 

primetime will be retooling, supposedly will have a conference team and a bsc team 

Monsta was going to have an East and West super team. 
Chente said on fb he's sticking with Carl 
From what i read, most monsta guys staying with Carl. 
Chente said him McClanahan and Dave Johnson are stating with WC Monsta. 
Anarchy getting USSSA approval before Monsta is sketch — Anarchy/SIS are like one 
Monsta – dacko, mcclanhana, whaley chente 

heard TG is done or cut a lot of their players 

Mooch won AA with Precision and Pure. 2 of the 3 AA Worlds…food for thought. 

The Scene coming back with TDB 

Of course, Andy will be facing Helmer next year for the ship, just like the last 20 

Keske to tbd 

Rumor is players left sis/thunder and went to TDB unexpectedly. 

Barnes is coaching nightmare 

Some ASP guys might go to Primetime 

Mitschke is free agent 

Greinert is free agent

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