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2019 Rumor chat results #3


10/18/2018 SoftballCenter 2019 RUMORS Chat recap:

These are rumors meant for fans of the game.  Actual rosters are not set until the player either signs a USSSA player contract for 2019 locking them onto a roster or logs in and signs the online roster on

THESE ARE RUMORS with some sources behind them but are NOT OFFICIAL!
Teams can email with corrections or to add sponsors/players/etc.

2019 Major teams (4):
 Dan Smith
 Pure Sports

Resmondo/Smash It/Thunder/RDD/H Auto or something like that
Jeremy Yates
Steele Lewis
Buddy Wolf
Brian Wegman
Pat Ellwanger
Bubba Mack
Cory Briggs
Kevin Bazat
Greg Connell
Neil Haglund
Travis Clark
Kyle Pearson
LC Watson
Brad Reckart

Dan Smith
Ryan Stovall
Ben Dunn
Nic Santana
Andrew Collins
Dale Brungardt
Jo Jo Bennett
Jordan Spaulding
Steven Lloyd
Davis Bilardello
Mike Nino
Losson White
Jason Matusik
Argen Dodds

Bryson Baker
Brian Zirkle
Everett Williams
Jason Branch
Daniel Cayton
Luis Reyna
AJ Montano
Kyle Pearson (1.5)
Jason Martel
Andy Purcell
Ryan Harvey
Josh Riley
Tom Bloom
Jon Nelson

Smash It Sports/Pure Sports
Filip Washington
Ryan Parfitt
Brad Carlsen
John Williams
Zach Messer
Tommy Melton
Josh Brown
Justin Mucciarelli
Donnie Hammonds
Ryan Ramirez
Nick Mitschke
Brett McCollum
Robert Fow

2019 AA Teams (8+):
 Bay Area/Rapid Fire/Bad Draw/Easton (CA) – Gonzalez, Chente Granados, Rettenmeier, McClanahan, Edwards, Racobaldo, Stewart, Bynum, Johnson, Wilson, Mullins, D Lopez, Jacinto, Marshburn

 Premier/HDLNS/TG (OH) – Morrow, Norton, Staton, Cosgrove, Boothe, Kincaid, Hightchew, Franklin, Kaminski, Uckotter, Corn, Whaley, Disbennett, K Center

 Linedrive (MI) – Faron Miller?, Formosas?, Anderson?

 Newbreed (WA) – Hollingsworth, Gastineau, Sanchez, Ussery?, Utley, Cordova, Campbell

 Nightmare (MO) – Barnes putting it together, Maggard, Brambilla, Matte, Fogle, Newell, Mike Brown, Mike Williams, Bowser, Terry

 Smash It Sports/3rd Street/Bulldawg (IL) – Rear, McCollum, Vitcak, Umscheid, Keske, Flood, Kessler, Tabler, Magnum, Houseman, Bean, Barnes, Lunda

 Riot Sports (FL) –

 Xtreme (MN) – Lost Ellwanger, picked up Schrage, Anninos, Nimmo

2019 AA/A/B Teams (26)
 B&B? (NC)
 Baugh Ford (AL) has Tennyson brothers, Zorich, Hooks, Phil White, Cornett, Sullivan, Folsom, Ponder, Baugh, Griffin, Bunn
 Briggs/SFI/BF Cattle (NC/VA)
 Chanticlear Pizza/Eurotech? (MN)
 Cheap Suits (CA)
 Classic Glass (CA) – Nate Newman, Larsen
 Crunchtime (NC/SC)
 Empire? (LA)
 Headlines Sportswear / Cincysoftball / Titan Truckin (OH)
 Infamous (CO)
 Insane Sports? (OH)
 L&S Glass (CA)
 LaFamiglia (PA) (possible AA)
 My Auto Jack/Sonnys (AZ)
 Primetime (GA)
 Rebel Sports? (MI)
 Seminoles (OK)
 SNI? (FL)
 Sports Reach (KY)
 Thunder (NY) (possible AA)
 Tradesmen (UT)
 TRU Sports/Selling Virginia/Miken (VA)
 T&W/Pauer Sports (OH) – Radich, Pinkham, Kirsten, Crump, Pack, Ledenski, Tony Payne, Rosenbalm, Hinken, and Noeth Jr
 New team – Mark P in the panhandle (FL)

Haven't heard from (3):
 Olmito Heat
 Wood Law

Teams that are rumored to be done (5):
JBL/Tailgaters is done for this year but might be back in 2020



2019 Rumors from the Chat #3 – 10/18/2018

Remember all rumors are just that until a player signs a utrip contract or approves his roster spot online.

The USSSA Convention is Nov 12-15 in Temecula, California at the Pechanga Resort an hour or so from San Diego.

Rumor is Bryson Baker is with TDB

Fulk Retired??

Filby to Newbreed
yes, filby to newbreed

Fulk to Bay Area

One rumor has TDB releasing Dillon
Dillon released today

Hearing about a new team from Ohio for Conference SVC/HDLNS (OH)

My possible Conference team list is at 37 teams

Bay Area looks to be at 9 points.

Haymak/Worsham/Lewis Lawn/Timeless
I don't think Lewis Lawn would be apart of that DW but i could be wrong

Linedrive/Rebel teaming up
Rebel and Linedrive combining

Seminoles is coming back in 'A'

McCollum is with Pure Sports.

Space Coast Complex:
The shade is only lacking on the Red Quad I believe and that will be built as soon as they get funding.
On red they are building the big shade grand stands on each side of each field and a new concession, score, and bathroom tower.
Whats interesting is 90% of the interviews I've posted this fall say that Space Coast is the best complex. So players must like it. 
Brandon Cashwell – I like space coast…give it a chance it will improve

Classic has Nate Newman pitching again and picked up Larsen

I think Fox is taking a year off or may just play some limited stuff

Myrtle Beach is the rumor for a new conference event.

Traylor to newbreed
Traylor puts newbreed over 9 points.

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