Thursday January 23rd, 2020

2019 Premier/TG/Headlines/Easton team!


2019 Premier/TG/Headlines/Easton
Jackie Corn
Ryan Morrow
Andrew (Rocky) Staton
Adam Kaminski
Jimmy Carter
Cory Boothe
Kyle Center
Tyler Kincaid
Clay Norton
Ryan Uckotter
Brady Hightchew
Ryan Disbennett
John Franklin
Josh Onstott
Ben Cosgrove
Dan Feichtner

Manager: Kevin Forwith/Justin Green

Ben Cosgrove
Jonathon Golich
James Sparrow

Conference Schedule:
HOF Classic Dual
Frank Webb Memorial
Kut4 Sports Atlanta Major
Windy City Classic
37th Annual Dudley
The 51st Smokey
20th Annual Cincy Major
7th Annual Columbus B.A.T.S Major
USSSA Major World Series


One response to “2019 Premier/TG/Headlines/Easton team!”

  1. Rinaldo says:

    The bases, my boy golich, best young manager in the game, best of luck

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