Thursday May 6th, 2021

2019 Nationwide Conference USSSA Points Scenarios (UNOFFICIAL)



2019 Nationwide Conference USSSA 

Points Scenarios going into the

the Conference Championships!


Resmondo can still win the #1 seed for the Major World Series if they win the Conference Championship tournament over Labor Day Weekend and TDB finishes tied for 5th or 7th.  That is unlikely but still mathmatically possible.

Baugh Ford played themselves into the Major World Series knocking out Beckham Brothers and passing Primetime.

Plenty of seeds can change at the Conference Championships.  Remember 'A' teams are locked into their seed now but Major and 'AA' teams could still move around.  In particular a 'AA' team that doesn't attend the Conference Championships would probably drop a number of spots in the seeding so this is actually a very important tournament in terms of Major World Series seeding.

Link to the 2019 Nationwide Conference USSSA point standings

Conference Championships are August 30th to September 1st

Points for the Conference Championships are added to a participating teams total points.

This is unofficial of course.  If you see a mistake please email me and I will fix immediately.

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