Friday April 3rd, 2020

Final 2019 Nationwide Conference USSSA League Leaders!


2019 Nationwide Conference USSSA League Leaders

9/10/2019 – 180 plate appearances to qualify for the overall league leaders in the percentage categories

Here is a link to all of the stats turned in.

As always let me know if you see errors –

Link to Las Vegas stats                       Link to Houston stats 

Link to Hall of Fame Classic Dual #1 Stats   Link to Hall of Fame Classic Dual #2 Stats

Link to the Cajun Stats                       Link to the St Louis Stats

Link to the Myrtle Beach Major Stats  Link to the Texas Legends Stats

Link to the Atlanta Stats                     Link to the Colorado Stats

Link to the Chicago Stats                   Link to the Maryland Stats

Link to the Dudley Stats                     Link to Seattle Dual #1

Link to Seattle Dual #2                       Link to Arkansas Stats

Link to Smoky                                     Link to Cincy Stats

Link to Columbus                               Link to North Carolina


TDB's Josh Riley led the nation in onbase percentage at .786 and Walks (64)



Nightmares Phil Matte led the league in batting average at .749


TDB's Ryan Harvey led the league in Slugging percentage, RP7, Home Runs (150), Home Run Percentage, RBI (352), RBI Per At Bat, Runs Produced (477), Offensive Efficiency, and Runs Scored










TDB's Brian Zirkle led the league in Doubles (77), Doubles Percentage, and Triples (20), and Triple Percentage






SIS/Thunders Filip Washington led the league in On Base Percentage without including home runs


Bay Areas Tyler Marshburn led the league in Avg without including HR or BB


SIS/Thunders John Williams led the league in Walk Percentage


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