Thursday January 23rd, 2020

2019 MyAutoJack/Tunie Sports/Sonny’s team!


2019 MyAutoJack/Tunie Sports/Sonny’s

Chad Erickson
Tim De Vito
Bryan Dezern
Lex Ramirez
Brian Faria
Timothy Martinez
Jose Flores
David Nowak
Michael Joseph
Jordan Mitchell
Brent Johnson
Mark Krueger
Zach Costa

Head Coach: Cholo Brown
Assistant Coach: Henry Diflorio

Jack Estrada- MyAutoJack.Com
Jon Kopperud- Tunie Sports
Sonny Pilcher- Sonny’s

SW Invite 
Sin City Major 
HOF Dual
Rocky Mountain Shootout 
Seattle Dual
Rose City Major
*Possibly one more Conference event 
A Worlds

3 responses to “2019 MyAutoJack/Tunie Sports/Sonny’s team!”

  1. Flowers says:

    Idk “Sam” these last 2 tour eyes they’ve shown they belong so I’m not sure I’d that matters

  2. The dentist says:

    Please add the Dudley. Thank you for your consideration

  3. Los Sanchos says:

    Who cares! Los Sanchos will end up being the best team in the state this year. We registered D but will end up dominated C!

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