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2019 Free Agent List – UPDATED 2/11/2019


2019 Free Agent list – Listed by classification

2019 Free Agent list which will be kept at the top of Oldscout during the offseason and also posted frequently on SoftballCenter.com

You can fill out a free agent or player interview here and send me pictures you want on the page to dw@softballcenter.com or I can get them off of your facebook page:


2019 Free Agent list which will be kept at the top of Oldscout during the offseason and also posted frequently on SoftballCenter.com 

You can fill out a free agent or player interview here and send me pictures you want on the page to dw@softballcenter.com or I can get them off of your facebook page: 

David Bare – Tradesmen 
Craig Rodriguez – Competitive Edge 
Bradley Scott – Newbreed 
Pat Price – Newbreed 
Jeremy Moore – Competitive Edge 
John Brown – L&S Glass 
Drew Miller – Seminoles 
Hunter Lynn – L&S Glass 
Robert Blackburn – Sports Reach 
Drew Miller – Seminoles 
Frankie Andriola – Line Drive Sportz 
Justin Mackey – Pure/Backham/Haymak 
Drew Miller – Seminoles 
Mike Mallory – La Famiglia 
Kyler Kirkland – SNI/Worsham 
Brian Lipman – Smith Softball 

Chris Yeo – LineDrive

Tyler Wiles – Tradesmen

John Dombrowski – MPT Rentals


2019 Free Agents:


OF Eliseo Aguilar CA AA Newbreed Jakebball97gmail.com https://www.softballcenter.com/eliseo-aguilar/ 

OF Rick Cornu NV AA Newbreed nornevdemars@gmail.com : (801)831-4846 https://www.softballcenter.com/rick-cornu/ 

3B MI, IF Charlie Hinojosa CA AA Nightmare Hinojosa2321@hotmail.com https://www.softballcenter.com/charlie-hinojosa/ 

C/OF/1B Rolando Rodriguez WA AA Newbreed rolando.rodz.jr14@gmail.com https://www.softballcenter.com/rolando-rodriguez/ 

IF Any Joey Simmons FL AA Riot Sports Dixiebaseball2@gmail.com https://www.softballcenter.com/joey-simmons/ 

P OF Chris Stamper KY AA Newbreed chrisstamper216@yahoo.com – 859-302-3523 https://www.softballcenter.com/chris-stamper/ 

—- ——- ——- —————– ——- ——- ——————— —————————————————— —————————————————- 

OF 1B/All Frankie Andriola OH A Pauer Sports Frankie.Andriola@icloud.com https://www.softballcenter.com/frankie-andriola/ 

1B C/EH/RF Tre' Campbell GA A Bay Area Legends dobombers25@gmail.com https://www.softballcenter.com/tre-campbell/ 

MI IF Anthony Chavis SC A Rapid Fire Antfrank15@yahoo.com https://www.softballcenter.com/anthony-chavis/ 

All/UT 3B/MI/OF Jason Crosland ID A Tradesmen jcrosland@idahomilktransport.com https://www.softballcenter.com/jason-crosland/ 

RF 2B Austyn Dawe MI A LaFam/Premier Theycallmerookie@gmail.com https://www.softballcenter.com/austyn-dawe/ 

RF OF/1B Kyndrich Doggett FL A Stars knk13@verizon.net https://www.softballcenter.com/kyndrich-doggett/ 

IF 2B/3B Justin Geiner OH A TG Brand geins16@yahoo.com https://www.softballcenter.com/justin-geiner/ 

IF OF D.J. Jackson GA A Pace/Titans/Primetime pace100dj@gmail.com https://www.softballcenter.com/dj-jackson/ 

OF RF Evan Jarman GA A Rapid Fire 912-656-4868 emjarman15@hotmail.com https://www.softballcenter.com/evan-jarman/ 

IF C Matthew Lloyd SC A Crunchtime mlloyd82@hotmail.com https://www.softballcenter.com/matthew-lloyd/ 

3B 1B/P Keith Lynn IN A Vivid keith.lynn@itsuwausa.com https://www.softballcenter.com/keith-lynn/ 

IF OF Mike Pennington PA A LaFamiglia pennington.michael87@gmail.com (215) 390-6470  

1B 3B Jordan Poole IA A Smash It Sports 2013mpa@gmail.com https://www.softballcenter.com/jordan-poole/ 

IF Rick Potter IN A Astros in past rpotter@swyouthvillage.com https://www.softballcenter.com/rick-potter/ 

OF Bobby Pratt FL A Primetime Bobbyp3000@yahoo.com 904-551-8702 https://www.softballcenter.com/bobby-pratt/ 

3B LF,2B,SS Hunter Ramirez CO A Stars hunterlynn.10@gmail.com https://www.softballcenter.com/hunter-ramirez/ 

SS MI Doug Ruble PA A Pauer Sports ruble170@gmail.com https://www.softballcenter.com/doug-ruble/ 

1B IF Chris Schultz WY A Tradesmen Schultzy_009@Hotmail.com https://www.softballcenter.com/chris-schultz/ 

RF OF Jesse Skaggs MO A Nallys orbitworld18@live.com https://www.softballcenter.com/jesse-skaggs/ 

MI IF Ricky Smith MS A Baugh Ford ricky.smith1524@gmail.com https://www.softballcenter.com/ricky-smith/ 

C/1B OF Adam Smylie CA A Cheap Suits asmylie@ymail.com https://www.softballcenter.com/adam-smylie/ 

MI Any Travis Tucker NC A Smash It Sports Tucker0813@icloud.com https://www.softballcenter.com/travis-tucker/ 

C EH/1B Logan Wysong KS A Nallys 913-304-1361 https://www.softballcenter.com/logan-wysong/ 

SS MI/2B Matthew York GA A Mattyork@hotmail.com 716-679-6619 https://www.softballcenter.com/matthew-york/ 

P Matt Zurawel NY A Thunder Mzurawel23@gmail.com https://www.softballcenter.com/matt-zurawel/ 

—- ——- ——- —————– ——- ——- ——————— —————————————————— —————————————————- 

P 1B, OF Sean Aarts ID B softballplayer20@hotmail.com https://www.softballcenter.com/sean-aarts/ 

P 1B/OF Brian Atchison WA B Goodfellas Brian.atchison10@gmail.com https://www.softballcenter.com/brian-atchison/ 

IF 3B/1B William Blue FL B Insidious big_blue06@yahoo.com https://www.softballcenter.com/william-blue/ 

P 1B, C Kenneth Cain NC C cain067@gmail.com https://www.softballcenter.com/kenneth-cain/ 

CF OF Ricky Carlson FL B Wileys catchcinco@yahoo.com https://www.softballcenter.com/ricky-carlson/ 

P 3B Reinaldo Dejesus FL B Beetech Rdejesus23@icloud.com https://www.softballcenter.com/reinaldo-dejesus/ 

P 1B Dave Guffey SC C Lambs Produce dguffey@smeinc.com https://www.softballcenter.com/dave-guffey/ 

3B IF/OF Cassius Hart MO B/C Starkey/T's 13 cassius.hart@gmail.com https://www.softballcenter.com/cassius-hart/ 

CF OF/IF Tommy Harville CA B TLH979@CULVER.EDU 707.305.8233 https://www.softballcenter.com/tommy-harville/ 

OF/3B Any Dee Hornesbuger GA B Deehornesbuger@yahoo.com 501-398-7821 https://www.softballcenter.com/dee-hornesbuger/ 

P 3B Eric Isakson OH B Old Bag Eisakson@yahoo.com 614-394-5560 https://www.softballcenter.com/eric-isakson/ 

1B 2B/3B/C Corey Jaramillo C/A 50/50 Coreyjaramillo@icloud.com https://www.softballcenter.com/corey-jaramillo/ 

MI/SS Any Jose Jimenez TX C WT Guzzlers Joseajimenez12.jj@gmail.com https://www.softballcenter.com/jose-jimenez/ 

OF Any Shane Lester FL C/A Killmans/Pure Bullsqb162016@gmail.com https://www.softballcenter.com/shane-lester/ 

All UT Brandon Loudermilk VA B.loudermilk06@gmail.com https://www.softballcenter.com/brandon-loudermilk/ 

OF/P Vito Messina CA B vmessina44@gmail.com https://www.softballcenter.com/vito-messina/ 

P MI, OF Jeff Pruis MO C RDI/Miken pruisj@yahoo.com https://www.softballcenter.com/jeff-pruis/ 

P 1B 3B Shaun Ramsey ID B S2S Ravens Srammer10.sr@gmail.com https://www.softballcenter.com/shaun-ramsey/ 

Any Jake Sisco CA B Cheap Suits Sisco7@att.net https://www.softballcenter.com/jake-sisco/ 

2B OF/UT Adam Suhowolak GA B Baugh Ford adamsuhowolak@yahoo.com https://www.softballcenter.com/adam-suhowolak/ 

P Any Kyle Stoehr OH 2 Sweet Softball StoehrKyle1986@gmail.com https://www.softballcenter.com/2019-free-agent-kyle-stoehr/ 

3B/2B P Brian Tveita MN B Rebel Briantveita@yahoo.com or 612-991-0388 https://www.softballcenter.com/brian-tveita/ 

P 1B/OF Miguel Uribe Jr AZ C MyAutoJack twiztededge@gmail.com https://www.softballcenter.com/miguel-uribe/ 

SS CF Joshua Vasquez TX C Roll One Txbaseball3@yahoo.com https://www.softballcenter.com/joshua-vasquez/ 

P 2B/MI Branden Waterman FL C/B watermanbrandenyahoo.com https://www.softballcenter.com/branden-waterman/ 

3B/SS IF/OF Chris Waterman FL B Wileys Chriswaterman86@gmail.com https://www.softballcenter.com/chris-waterman/ 

P C/1B Brandon Wessner FL B Wileys bwessner@ntsnational.com https://www.softballcenter.com/brandon-wessner/ 

—- ——- ——- —————– ——- ——- ——————— —————————————————— —————————————————- 

OF P Joey Hernandez TX jhfarrierservicellc@gmail.com https://www.softballcenter.com/joey-hernandez/ 

IF/2B OF Eddie Mack IA ASA Eddie.Mack10@gmail.com https://www.softballcenter.com/eddie-mack/ 

1B C Andre Morgan TX 3xtreme Sports Andre.Morgan84@gmail.com https://www.softballcenter.com/andre-morgan/ 

MI P/Any Nate Murphy MN natemmurphy@yahoo.com https://www.softballcenter.com/nate-murphy/ 

2B UT Joey Ramos CA D CMD Rjoey315@gmail.com https://www.softballcenter.com/joey-ramos/ 

MI IF Brian Slaven CA Livinlarge5@hotmail.com (559)231-7599 https://www.softballcenter.com/brian-slaven/ 

OF 2B P Kyle Slicker MI Doughboys slicker.kyle98@yahoo.com  

1B/2B C/P Jamey Ward TX D Poor Boys Jameykward@gmail.com https://www.softballcenter.com/jamey-ward/ 

C 1B Ricky Wilson PA rwilson2084@gmail.com

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