Sunday May 19th, 2019

2019 Conference Points Explanation


2019 Nationwide Conference USSSA Points Explanation if you see any mistakes.

I will update this article after the 2019 Conference Information Packet comes out, if anything changes.

If there are 15 or less Conference teams at an event, then the winner gets 165 + (3 x number of conf teams).

If there are 16 or more Conference teams then the winner gets 150 + (4 x number of conf teams).

There are automatic 4 points per team tournaments in Las Vegas, Houston, HOF Dual, Seattle Dual, Chicago, Smoky, Cincinnati, and Columbus Ohio.

The only exception to all of these is the Dudley and the Seattle Dual which is 180 points + (4 x number of conf teams).


This shows the 3 tournament point types and what the winner would get based on number of conference teams



The chart below shows what the 2019 points per finishing position at each tournament will be

if each tournament has exactly the same amount of Conference teams that they had in 2018



How to qualify for the USSSA Major World Series

Conference teams are scored on their best 6 points tournaments of the year.  The top 16 teams at the end of the regular Nationwide Conference USSSA season qualify for the USSSA Major World Series.  The top 8 teams must participate in the Conference Championships over Labor Day Weekend and teams 9-32 are invited to the Conference Championships where they earn additional points for seeding in the Major.  Also the #17 seed for the Major is given to the highest finishing non qualified conference team at the 'A' World and the #18 seed is given to the USSSA Military World winner.



Link to last years 2018 Nationwide Conference Point Standings




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