Sunday May 19th, 2019

2019 Conference and Slowpitch notes from the Convention


Conference "Commissioner" is Strojan Kennison begins the Conference meeting

Conference Fee increased from $5,800 to $6,500
 – Teams need to put down a $3,500 downpayment by February 15th to get a 7th tournament entry fee paid.
 – Teams need to be paid in full by April 30th.
 – Teams will pay fee online when you register your team.
 – Entry fee includes 6 or 7 regular season USSSA events, all world tournaments, and the Conference Championships.

Conference information package will come out December 1st.

Conference schedule has no weekends with 2 different locations like in the past.

C and below teams cannot be in the men's conference.

A code of conduct package will be signed by each player and the manager will be responsible for players.

Field testing for a new ball is ongoing.  Looking for the best ball that isn’t as affected by temperature.

Batters box for Conference the back foot must cover homeplate.  Or out of box after striding forward to far.

There are 25-30 conference umpires.

Myrtle Beach has 7-325 foot artificial turf fields with the beach and airport very close.  Also Raleigh airport and Charlston are a couple hour drive.

Conference Championships and 'A' World will be Labor Day Weekend

D/E East, C, B, and AA World dates are still being worked out.

2019 Major World Series dates are September 18-21, with the 22nd for weather issues

Dudley and Seattle are Special point tournaments with a base of 180 points plus 4 pts per conf team entered.  Team count is based on the team list 14 days prior to the event.

Worlds are 4 game guarantee since teams that go 0-2 or 1-2 will get to play in a 16 inch tournament on the 225 foot fields.

USSSA 'D' Worlds West in Las Vegas September 12-15

Mens 'E West in Seattle September 26-29

Womens 'E' West in Seattle September 28-29

The rule book is being updated and will include Conference rules.

No more offensive ejection in any 'E' Program – Vote was 9-0.  Just inning ending out.

Mixed roster rules have been spelled out a little better.

New Mexico and Dayton, Ohio have youth slowpitch worlds.

10 responses to “2019 Conference and Slowpitch notes from the Convention”

  1. Softball98 says:

    Where can we find the new Mixed updated rules?

  2. Jacob Williams says:

    All about the $$$ as always. A Joke

  3. Art says:

    When will the bump lists be out?

  4. Micheal Thomas says:

    So can C teams play in conference tournaments and which ones?

    • DW says:

      Any non conference team can ask to join any conference tournaments but some do fill up and then they take the highest classed teams they can get.

      So it just depends on the tournament. Usually the Hall of Fame Classic is off limits to non conference teams but the rest of the tournaments have non conference teams in them.

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