Wednesday November 23rd, 2022

2019 Classic Glass/Easton team!


2019 Classic Glass / Easton

Pilar Amaya
Kade Christensen
Cameron Cox
Brandt Eaton
Ben Falcone
Tommy Formosa
JD Genter
Trey Gilliland
Chris Hansen
Chris Larsen
Blake Lively
Nathan Newman
Chris Russell
Chris Schwinden

Classic Glass
Tom Formosa Sr.
Tom Formosa Jr.
Easton Sports – Brett Helmer

Tom Formosa
Mike Visser- Coach
Don Hollingsworth- Travel Coordinator/Stats

Tentative 2019 Schedule:
Southwest Invite
9th Sin City Major
HOF Classic Dual
19th Annual Texas Legends
Windy City Classic
Easton Dual
Smoky Mountain Classic
Rose City Major
7th Annual Columbus B.A.T.S Major
Major World Series

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