Thursday October 18th, 2018

2018 USSSA “Sooner Invitational” Tulsa Major tournament preview!



4th Annual OA Apparel


"Sooner Invitational"


Nationwide Conference USSSA!


Tulsa – Oklahoma


June 8-10


Tournament Preview


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2018 Tulsa bracket and team list link


The 2018 Nationwide Conference USSSA schedule returns to Tulsa, Oklahoma this weekend for the 4th Annual OA Apparel "Sooner Invitational"!  31 teams overall with 10 of them from Confernce USSSA.  4 of them are 'AA' for the first time ever in Tulsa.  The fences are 300 feet.  The heat is going to be unbearable at times.  And Xtreme, AllOut, Newbreed, and Nightmare will be the teams trying to fend off the upsets from the start and score the 195 points for the tournament win!  Jason, one of the umpires will put up a livestream camera on the main field.  Thank You Jason!  And the chat room will be up for anyone that can give us updates as to what is going on.  If one person from each team could update their final score at the end of each game on the chat, that would be AWESOME!

Team Breakdown
 4 'AA'
5 'A'
10 'B'
11 'C'
4 'D/E'

Broadcast schedule: will attempt to stream 1 field all day Saturday

The chat room will be up on as well



SheaNations picks:

This weekend at the OA Apparel Sooner Invitational Major NIT in Tulsa, OK there will be 30 teams and 10 Nationwide Conference USSSA teams in attendance including 0 major, 4 AA, 4 A, 2 B and 20 local teams.  Nightmare/Miken is the #1 overall seed due to already playing 6 Conference tournaments.  The other teams looking to get the win without any major teams present are: Xtreme/Miken/ASP/Athlon, All Out/A&A/Steel Sports/ASP/Miken, and Newbreed/Steel Sports/Demarini.

Tulsa Predictions:  The final 4 undefeated should be a preview of AA Worlds: Xtreme versus All Out and Newbreed versus Nightmare.   In the losers bracket we could see some upsets from local conference team Seminoles/TPS/NACSF.Inc/Easton or local team Insidious/BSA/Lasting Impressions.  The 7th place games start at 6:30 pm on Saturday and could be some match ups we see at A Worlds so come out to Carl Smith Sports Complex or tune into

Final Picks for the Tulsa Major:
1. Xtreme/Miken/ASP/Athlon
2. All Out/A&A/Steel Sports/ASP/Miken
3. Newbreed/Steel Sports/Demarini
4. Nightmare/Miken
5. Vivid/Killbombers/OA/Easton
    Classic Glass/Easton



Weather looks warm



Fields are 300 feet



Past Winners


2017 Winner – Steel Sports/PowerhouseSports/Miken

2017 Tulsa Major Report link


2016 Winner – BHR/Coppermine/ASP/Worth


2015 Winner – Nightmare/Miken


2017 Results
1 TX-A Steel Sports/Powerhouse/Miken
2 OK-A Seminoles/TPS/NACSF.INC/Miken
3 CA-A Bay Area Legends/Miken
4 TX-A AllOut/Klutch/Worth

2016 Results
1 TX-A BHR/Coppermine Lodge/ASP/Worth
2 MO-A Nightmare/Miken
3 TX-A Steel Athletics/Miken/Powerhouse
4 OK-C Seminoles

2015 Results
1 MO-B – Nightmare/Miken
2 TX-C – Steel
3 MO-C – Precision Recovery/Hooters
4 OK-C – Attaboys


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