Tuesday June 18th, 2019

2018 USSSA Toys for Tots brackets and some rosters


2018 USSSA Toys for Tots Pools and Bracket link

Crazy Girls
Tony Verdugo
Chris Greinert
Brett Rettenmeier
Christian Arrendondo
Dale Brungardt
Daniel Kirkwood
Dennis Rulli
Eli Aguilar
Gage Owsley
Jared Hunt
LaCurtis Mayes
Mike Nino Echeverria
Steven Lopez
Cedric Johnson
Vic Garcia

Lockdown Sports / GAME or GAME / Lockdown Sports
Tyler Clawson
Terry Dugan
Kevin Mort
Adam Nickolic
Mike Snyder
Robert Lundy
Robert Mason
Richard “Ricky” Delgado
Jeff Graus
Eric Harryman
Carlos Vasquez
Chris Anninos
George Reyes
Nate Baez
David Braun
Shain Stoner

Coach: Sonny Pilcher
Coach: Tim Franks
Andy Purcell
Jason Martel
Ryan Harvey
AJ Montaño
Brian Zirkle
Andrew Collins
Kyle Pearson (Little)
Everett Williams
Daniel Cayton
Thomas Bloom
Jon Nelson

Lazer Sports Roster
Bryce Anderson
Mason Moore
Rich Lawton
Clint Stricker
Andrew Stricker
Andrew Faunce
Mike Aviles
Gideon Hammon
Jayden Darrington
Shane Martin
Will Marable
Dennis Shane Cole
Chantry Abbott
Robbie Galvan
Dillon Flint

CDZ Apparel
Adam Strain
John Sullivan
Joshua Brown
John Zorich
David Kessler
Gregory Connell
Jason Magnum
Clif Williamson
Jonathan Kilburn
Brian Lipman
Steele Lewis
Royall D O'Brien
William Pinkham

3 responses to “2018 USSSA Toys for Tots brackets and some rosters”

  1. Stevie says:

    Why do the Crazy girls have some D players on the team?

  2. Chris Arredondo says:

    I meant WE, not they! lol

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