Sunday August 14th, 2022

2018 USSSA Seattle Easton Dual Major bracket link!


2018 USSSA Seattle Derby Dual Major bracket link

Here is the event information and links to all of the appropriate information for the event.

Gate Fee: $5.00 each day 13 and older – Wristband must be worn at all times.

Outside Alcohol: The outer fields will be patrolled by Kent Police, there is no outside alcohol allowed within the park. We do have a refreshment truck that will be within fields 3, 4, 5.

RV PARKING ONLY: CAMPERS or RV's ONLY – This is located in the same place as last year, near fields 3, 4, 5 – NO OTHER VEHICLES ALLOWED. (You must have your own power source). ALL other vehicles except for USSSA or Park Staff are being asked to park by Fields 1 & 2 or by the Ice Rink. There is also plenty of parking across the street by Shari's. Please do not park in any of marked parking stalls by the RV/Trailer parking.  All RV’s/Campers located anywhere else will be required to pack up each night.

Event Homepage


Bat Testing: Please have your bats ready to be tested 1 hour prior to your first game. No bats will be tested tested within 30 minutes of your start time – Exception would be a player arriving later and the coach has documented that with the bat testing station.

Mens Dual I: All Games Will Follow Standard Conference Rules

Mens Dual II: This event is split, but teams will play with the same Home Run Rule (Unlimited) and 80' bases on ALL fields.

Conference Ball Rule: Anyone caught taking a ball from the event will be ejected from the tournament.  If your team is already out of the event or you are just a fan, you will face further penalty. 

Thank you for playing in the The Easton Derby Dual. If you have questions regarding the event, please contact the director of the event.

Strojan Kennison
Tournament Director
Conference USSSA

Sam Flores 
Assistant Tournament Director
Conference USSSA

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