Friday September 21st, 2018

2018 USSSA Men’s Major Player’s and Watch List is out!



2018 USSSA Men's Major Player's and Watch List link!


Brian McBryde, Adam Ussery, Brad Carlsen, Jordan Spaulding, and Donnie Hammonds all join Major Player's List


Here are the changes from last year:

Added Directly to Major:
Adam Ussery Arkansas
Donnie Hammonds Florida
Jordan Spaulding Arizona
Bradley Carlsen Nevada

Move to Major from Watch: 
Brian McBryde  
Ben Dunn  
Josh Riley  
Zach Messer  
Steele Lewis
Patrick Ellwanger

Add to Watch List:
Charlie Hinojosa California
Jackie Corn North Carolina
Chad Folsom Georgia
Everett Williams Texas
Michael Ortiz Texas
Timmy Mickey North Carolina
Scott Langford Florida
Evan Gallmeier Missouri
Matthew Vasquez Texas
Pilar Amaya California
Move to Watch List from Major: 
Chris Geron  
Rich Goulash  
Kelly Hartman 
Seth Stephens 
Remove from Watch List: 
Bo Andrews 
Joey Dorton 
Brian Floyd 
Kenny Leach 
Alexis Ramirez 
Adam Smylie 
Clif Williamson


3 responses to “2018 USSSA Men’s Major Player’s and Watch List is out!”

  1. Chris Geron says:


  2. Alex says:

    Where is kevin kennington playing and also Powers there are still some guys out there that are good that i havent seen on a team yet? Where are they playing?

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