Friday May 13th, 2022

2018 USSSA Major World Series stats


Note: at the Major World Series there are official scorers who score errors and sacrifice fly's.  At bats do not include walks or sacrifice flys.  Average is hits/errors.  Onbase is (hits+walks)/(at bats+walks+sac).  Just like Major League Baseball.  Stats are kept by official scorers.

It looks like when teams substituted they may not have called in the re-entry using the phones in the dugouts as emphasized in the managers meeting.  So pinch runners ended up getting at bats in the stats.  Please send detailed corrections to and I will try to get them fixed and repost next week.

So listed here is the totals and at the bottom is the game by game stats.  If you see a mistake, let me know what mistakes are.  I see that Kendrick has 2 at bats and he was only a pinch runner.

Link to the 2018 Major World Series stats

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