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2018 USSSA Major World Series Day #1 recap!



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Day 1 (Wednesday, September 19th, 2108) all 18 of the Major World Series teams played their first game.  We did have a lightning delay that sent two games to the back Red Marucci field.  The top 8 seeds prevailed and advanced.  Thursday, the final 8 play, then 2 loser bracket games, followed by the Home Run Derby at 6:30 PM and then the Final 4 of the winner's bracket will cap off the evening.

Here is a game by game recap.



2018 USSSA Major World Series

Game #1 Recap

Game #1 of the Major started at 8:02 AM Wednesday morning September 19th.  The home team at the Major World Series for each game so Pauer Sports was home and led 3-0 after the 1st inning.  In the 2nd La Famiglia's Justin Lutheran hit a 2 run triple to and cut the lead to 3-2 and Pauer Sports Tim "bye bye" Bowser hit the 1st home run ever in the Major at Space Coast Stadium to put Pauer up 7-3 after 2 innings.  By the 5th the scoring had slowed down and Pauer Sports had increased their lead to 10-5 and it looked like they were in control.  But their defense had some misplays and La Famiglia took advantage with a Clayton Farrar's 2 run double, Josh Fyffe hit a 2 run homer, Don McDuffie hit an inside the park homer, and suddenly La Famiglia had turned the game around and led 18-11.  Pauer Sports wouldn't do much more in the game and La Famiglia won 19-11.  La Famiglia out homered Pauer Sports 6 to 4 in the game.  

Pauer Sports Tim "bye bye" Bowser hits the first ever home run in MWS history at Space Coast Stadium

Pauer Sports celebrate an early 10-5 lead

Mike Evans Pitching, Josh Fyffe SS, and Justin Lutheran LF


Fyffe and Clayton Farrar lead a comeback

Pauer LF Zack Smith almost robs an extra base hit



2018 USSSA Major World Series

Game #2 Recap

In game #2 Nightmare/Miken (MO-AA) could not get out of their own way defensively in the 1st inning and a Gov't Issue (The 2018 Military Champions) took advantage with some aggressive swings and worked their way to a 5-0 lead in the top of the 1st inning as Chad Augustin hit a 3 run homer.  In the bottom of the 1st and into the bottom of the 2nd Nightmare's Charlie Hinojosa, Billy Maggard, and Hinojosa again hit 3 run homers to give Nightmare an 11-5 lead.  Gov't Issue didn't roll over though and Aaron Dampier and Reggie Myers hit 2 run homers and they rode the momentum to a 17-12 lead going into the bottom of the 6th.  In the bottom of the 6th Tommy Melton had a pinch hit 2 run single which sparked an 11 run inning for Nightmare and they held on to win 23-18.


Mike Brambilla hit one 410 feet according to FlightScope and Billy Maggard went over the scoreboard!

Nightmare 1B Mike Brown, 2B Nolan Fogle, MI Charlie Hinojosa


Chad Augustin hit 2 line drive homers and Military World MVP Reggie Myers was 4-4 with 2 HR.



2018 USSSA Major World Series

Game #3 Recap

Blake Liveley went 4-4 in the Newbreed win!

Game #3 was two AA teams – Riot Sports from Florida and Newbreed from Washington.  CHris Costantino got the scoring going with a 1 run homer and it was 5-5 after 2 innings.  In the 3rd and 4th Newbreed pushed their lead to 13-9 and they led 19-11 after after homers by Brandon Traylor and Daniel Cayton and in spite of a great defensive play by Riots Evan Gallmeier.  In the top of the 6th Riots Jeff Roxby hit a 3 run homer and Newbreed answered with 2 run homers by Traylor and Cayton again.  In the top of the 6th Newbreed closed out a 26-18 with a great diving catch by center fielder Donald Hollingsworth. 

2018 USSSA Hall of Fame inductee Victor Cordova!

Newbreed CF Donald Hollingsworth makes a great diving catch

Umpire Jason Oberlag in his 10th season doing the Major!  Sweet hat!



2018 USSSA Major World Series

Game #5 Recap

TDB finishes off All Out

Anninos hits it CF

Bellamy had a great diver



2018 USSSA Major World Series

Game #6 Recap

Racks vs Baugh Ford was moved to Red Marucci due to a 4.5 hour rain and lightning delay



2018 USSSA Major World Series

Game #8 Recap



2018 USSSA Major World Series

Game #4 Recap

This game started in the early evening


Granados, Messer, McClanahan, Mooch

"Spare" jerseys

Premier made the Major!



2018 USSSA Major World Series

Game #7 Recap

Smash It vs Rapid Fire had the biggest crowd

Nic Santana hits a walk off run rule homer


2018 USSSA Major World Series

Game #9 Recap

Steel Lewis turned the momentum towards Resmondo in the bottom of the 6th

Resmondo was on the ropes at the end of the game


La Famiglia gave Resmondo a run for their money and this was the best game of the day

Greg Connell at 2nd base made one of the better diving stops that Haglund at 1st picked somehow


2018 USSSA Major World Series

Game #10 Recap

Dan Smith game was late Wednesday night

It went 7 innings


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