Thursday November 21st, 2019

2018 USSSA Cinco de Mayo tournament recap


2018 USSSA Cinco de Mayo tournament brackets/team lists

The Womens Major has 13 teams playing!  There are also 9 in the Mens Championship Division, 11 in the Mens D,

18 in the Mens E, and there is a Mixed Division.  At Big League Dreams in Manteca, California

Live streamed games can be found on the USSSA-slowpitch facebook page

1st Place – Easton Boom

Easton Boom knocked off ETH in the winner's final and SFK/A&S in the championship to win the Cinco de Mayo Women's Major tournament in Northern California!  SFK/A&S Constructors was 3rd and Team Throttle a 'C' team was 4th!  On the men's side Cheap Suits won the open division.

2nd Place – SFK/A&S Constructors

3rd Place – ETH

4th Place – Team Throttle


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