Wednesday September 20th, 2023

2018 USSSA Atlantic Coast Championships Womens Major!


2018 USSSA  Atlantic Coast Championships Dual #1 bracket links


2018 USSSA  Atlantic Coast Championships Dual #2 bracket links

Smash It/Derby Girls/Easton won the both of the Myrtle Beach Atlantic Coast Championships women's Conference events this past weekend.  

1st Place Dual 1 and 2 – Smash It/Derby Girls/Easton


Dual #1 Results


Dual #2 Results

Christan Dowling hitting a bomb.

2nd Place Dual 2 – Bryant Express/OA

2nd Place Dual 1 – Smash It Sports/Miken

3rd Place Dual 2 – TDB/Bounty Hunters

3rd Place Dual 1 – Lowbobs/Shirts and Logos

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