Friday May 13th, 2022

Archive Link Fixed —> 2018 Smoky Mountain Classic videos and archived games links



Don't forget to follow the SW48 channel on YouTube!

2018 Saturday night/Sunday video clips


2018 Smoky video clips


2018 Smoky Mountain Classic archived games link

About 95% of the games or more.   If you get a black screen at first, that is an advertisement that wasn't filled for whatever reason so just wait and then push the play arrow in the bottom left. You can also make it full screen.  At the moment the archives are not playing the game video on my chrome browser but is working on my opera browser…Let me know if you are still having trouble viewing. Tell me the device you are using, the operating system version if you can, and the browser?   They made a couple of updates to the video player to include more and more devices.  

Championship Game


Cory Newmans home run rob against Precision to end game

grabbed this off the livestream so quality isn't good

11 responses to “Archive Link Fixed —> 2018 Smoky Mountain Classic videos and archived games links”

  1. Walton says:

    Uploading the games worked so much better on the usssa YouTube channel just my opinion

    • DW says:

      I use what USSSA tells me to use. It is their content and they said this is the way it will be for years to come. No more youtube.

  2. Walton says:

    Ok no problem thanks for the response DW and all you do

  3. Pat says:

    Some of the videos wont play on my IPhone. I was trying to access the winners bracket final Saturday night

  4. Pat says:

    They need to put this on Youtube instead. The links on the site are horrific at best

  5. Norther fan says:

    Can’t get the games to load on Chrome, Opera or IE as well.

    • DW says:

      Thanks for the feedback, they are working for me on IE and Firefox. This morning they worked on Chrome and my iphone, but now are not working on Chrome.


      The main field is also on the usssa-slowpitch facebook page under videos.

    • Norther fan says:

      Uncaught TypeError: Failed to set the ‘currentTime’ property on ‘HTMLMediaElement’: The provided double value is non-finite.
      at (Controls.js:395)
      at HTMLDivElement. (Controls.js:78)
      at Videoplayer.Controls.ProgressBar.onMouseUp (videoPlayer.js:71)
      at videoPlayer.js:37
      at dispatch (jquery.min.js:3)
      at q.handle (jquery.min.js:3)

      This is one of the errors that shows up under the inspect element details log, not sure if this helps the IT folks?

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