Monday July 15th, 2019

Flip Breaks 3-way Tie w/ Monsta Money Ball Blast


Monsta Militia Power Tour @ the Minnesota Twins 

Minneapolis, MN.  August  17, 2018

Talk about drama, Monsta Athletics slugger Filip “Flip” Washington recalls it all in hyper slow motion. Flip was dug in at home plate at Target Field, no takes left and the money ball coming in hard. 
Flip’s upper deck show bomb, broke open a log jam at Target Field, before the Minnesota Twins and Detroit Tigers game at Target Field in Minneapolis. 

Flip connected with the Dudley Softball and an upper deck show bomb won the night. “ It was tight—I knew it was the money ball, I was clear I had zero takes left…. 
so I put all my years into that swing. I was confident I had the gear to max out my blast and it worked. “ 

Monsta Militia Power Tour, Final Results Target Field, 
Home of the Minnesota Twins 

1- Filip “ Flip “ Washington:  9 Ponts 
2- Daniel  “D-Mac” McClement :7 Points 
3- Travis “ House Quake “ Houseman: 7 Points 
4- Big John Williams:  6 Points 

Next up, the Finals of the Monsta Militia Power Tour.
Marlins Park, Home of the Miami Marlins, Saturday Sept 22 2018.

2 responses to “Flip Breaks 3-way Tie w/ Monsta Money Ball Blast”

  1. Jospeh says:

    Lol. Hilarious…

  2. Jabroni says:

    hyper slow motion – wtf?

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