Thursday December 13th, 2018

2018 OldScout Poll Results


Every now and then I post the results of all the polls on TheOldScout Message board.

Here are the results of the polls posted in 2018 so far!



79% want the batter to have to stay in the batters box between pitches



84% voted to keep the automatic runner for the pitcher for the various reasons listed.

Only 3% felt it was an unfair advantage.



30% think Pure Sports will win AA.  At the beginning of the year Pure got 14% of the vote



62% now think Resmondo will win the Major World Series.

At the beginning of the year the poll results were

Smash It 74%

Resmondo 24%

Dan Smith  2%



49% said Resmondo would win Columbus.  They finished 4th.




It ended up taking 978 points to qualify for the major.

More than expected.



USA did win the Border Battle by the run rule.



Only 13% said Baugh Ford would win the Cajun, but they did!



Only 8% said Classic Glass would win the Rocky Mountain Shootout, but they did!



Why does the higher class team seem to get a better strike zone?

84% of pollers feel the higher class team gets a better strike zone because of intimidation and human nature.



63% feel Conference tournaments should start and end like they do now.




A couple of anonymous oldscout posters said DW hangs out with the major players.  So DW offered $100 for whoever could produce a photo of him hanging out with the major players.  No one got the $100 and produced a photo but 75% of you said it wouldn't happen and you were right.  🙂



61% feel Conference should be B and above.  I have a mixed view.  On one side all of the B teams that join want to be like A teams and pick up A and AA players.  On the other hand B teams are your future A teams so you want them to get in and learn the ropes…  Tough call.



51% a narrow majority wants the "anything goes" posting to continue.  Of those most want TM55 to stay.

Only 26% wanted to go back to the rule that only trusted posters could post negatively style.



80% said AP should be suspended and he was suspended for 30 days which wound up being two full tournaments.



76% felt AA and A teams at the major should be able to pick up 1 or more players.

With all of the AA teams and the 5 top A teams already in the Major World Series I am not sure who these pickups are or where they come from.

But teams are allowed a pickup for the Conference Championships and the Major World Series.



69% want black and white roster rules for the entire season.



Oldscout pollers were right, Lebron went to the Lakers.  Think of all those SoCal Lebron haters that now have him on their team.  lol

Great player, best team player ever.  You will like his game.



32% feel PED's are more prevalent today.



Most feel TM55 will skip the convention again.



Most play for the competition



Someone posted a poll about playing worlds now that it is stay to play.  Looks like World number will be down 79%?

Somehow I don't think so.



Someone else put up a similar poll.  If 79% is true then C Worlds for example will only have around 16 teams.

Seems hard to believe.  And it starts a day earlier.  Teams will be playing 1 game a day, lol.

Really hard to believe 80% of teams aren't going because they can't stay an hour away from the fields.

But we shall see.



59% believed the unlimited games in Seattle would produce more than 16 HR per team per game.

The 11 Conference teams played 49 games and hit 461 HR for an average of 9.40 HR per game.

The Major teams – Dan Smith averaged 10.0 HR, Smash It 12.0, and Resmondo 13.5 HR 



73% said to have a 2nd Major World Series.  This may actually happen Labor Day Weekend 2019



Most feel it is a sign of sandbagging probably because you are attracting better players when you pay them.



Someone put up this post.  Perception seems to be reality for 64%.  We all wear many hats in softball and have conflicts of interest that cannot be avoided because of the lack of money in the game.



Someone put up this poll and 69% thought it was "stupid" lol



83% feel the Conference strike zone is too small.



60% feel the teams should have to have a forfeit fee to pay umpires and directors when there are forfeits.



Most feel it is too dangerous for non pitchers to take to the mound.



In NBA, 74% say they have never seen a charge call outside of the circle overturned.  lol



Someone posted this and 57% would ride out the year if they were benched



Someone made this silly post.  18% think the board would die if TM55 stopped posting?  He was banned for 8 months and the board didn't die.  But I realize he has a fan base.




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