Friday April 12th, 2024

2018 Nightmare/Miken/Heroes Mission team!


2018 Nightmare/Miken
Nolan Fogle 2nd
Wes Newell P
Billy Maggard C/P/EH
Charlie Hinojosa 3rd
Tommy Melton SS
Mike Brown 1st/P/EH
Jason Williams MI
Colby Hughes OF
Brian Logan OF
Bryan Daniel OF
Evan Gallmeier OF/Util
Josh Collins Util
Jake Mays Util

Manager TBD
Coach Bengie Ramos
Coach Brian "Biscuit " Mclain

Nolan Fogle Fogle Enterprises Inc.
Jason Kendrick Miken Sports

April 6-8 Vegas
April 13-15 Houston
April 19-22 Dual
May 4-6 Chattanooga
May 18-20 Euless
May 25-27 Atlanta
June 1-3 Chicago (TBD)
June 8-10 Tulsa
June 29-July 1 Dudley
July 13-15 Smokey
July 20-22 Cincinnati
Aug 3-5 Columbus
Aug 31-Sep 2 Conference Championship
Sept 15-16 AA Worlds
Sept 19-22 Major World Series

13 responses to “2018 Nightmare/Miken/Heroes Mission team!”

  1. pudge says:

    What happen to Benjamin Dunn

  2. VA Best Hitter says:

    What happen to the DH/PH guy Mario Foster?

  3. Watcher says:

    Thats going to be a tough squad with a very good outfield!

  4. Bob Ellis says:

    Lot of speed on the OF, and some of the best in the game. With Billy as a leader.. watch the others follow. Good Luck, NIGHTMARE ‘2018!! Love Gallmeir even though he killed us @ The Smokey two years ago… #classact

  5. fanofthegame says:

    where are Jason and Zane this year?

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