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2018 Nationwide Conference USSSA Awards!

2018 Nationwide Conference USSSA Awards – 9/1/2018

AWARD OF MERIT 2018 Strojan Kennison
FRANK WEBB MANAGER OF THE YEAR 2018 Craig Shaw Pure Sports
HOME RUN CHAMPION 2018 Kyle Pearson – 118 Smash It Sports
BATTING AVERAGE – ON BASE 2018 Kyle Pearson – .807 Smash It Sports
DEFENSIVE PLAYER 2018 Ryan McClanahan Pure Sports
OFFENSIVE PLAYER 2018 Davis Bilardello Dan Smith
MOST VALUABLE PLAYER 2018 Travis Clark Resmondo
UMPIRE OF THE YEAR 2018 Rob Mantlo  

The finalists for Nationwide Conference USSSA Rookie of the Year were:
Infielder Chris Anninos from All Out
Shortstop Daniel Cayton from Classic Glass
Outfielder David Durso from La Famiglia
Pitcher Mike "Nino" Echeverria from Dan Smith
Outfielder Taylor Nichols from Riot Sports

CONFERENCE ROOKIE OF THE YEAR 2018 Mike "Nino" Echeverria Dan Smith



1st Team All Conference
Travis Clark PITCHER Resmondo Also MVP
Andy Purcell PITCHER Smash It Sports

Argen Dodds CATCHER Dan Smith
Josh Riley CATCHER Smash It Sports
Chad Mullins CATCHER Racks Astros

Brian Wegman UTILITY Resmondo
Brad Reckart UTILITY Resmondo
Keith Laski UTILITY Riot Sports

Davis Bilardello 1ST BASE Dan Smith Also Offensive MVP
Kyle Pearson 1ST BASE Smash It Sports AVG and HR Champ
Steve Edwards 1ST BASE Racks Astros

Greg Connell 2ND BASE Resmondo
Steven Lloyd 2ND BASE Dan Smith 
Cory Briggs 2ND BASE Smash It Sports 
Kyle Pearson 2ND BASE TDB 
Bubba Mack 3RD BASE Resmondo 
Dale Brungardt 3RD BASE Dan Smith 
Zach Messer SHORTSTOP Pure Sports 
Kevin Bazat SHORTSTOP Resmondo 
Luis Reyna MIDDLE INFIELD Smash It Sports 
Jeremy Yates OUTFIELD Resmondo 
Steele Lewis OUTFIELD Resmondo 
Buddy Wolf OUTFIELD Resmondo 
Andrew Collins OUTFIELD Dan Smith 
Ben Dunn OUTFIELD Dan Smith 
Ryan Stovall OUTFIELD Dan Smith 
Brad Carlsen OUTFIELD Pure Sports 
Mike Ortiz OUTFIELD Riot Sports 
David Kessler OUTFIELD Precision 
Brad Lunda OUTFIELD Precision



2nd Team All Conference POSITION TEAM
Dan Bean PITCHER Precision
Keith Martin CATCHER Riot Sports
Jason Ferguson CATCHER All Out
John Radich CATCHER Pauer Sports
Ryan Harvey CATCHER Smash It Sports
Everett Williams 1ST BASE Newbreed
Freddie Bynum 2ND BASE Rapid Fire
Jason Branch 3RD BASE Pure Sports
Tyler Wilson 3RD BASE TDB
Scotty Langford 3RD BASE Riot Sports
Shannon Smith 3RD BASE Xtreme

Troy Krider MIDDLE INFIELD Racks Astros
Tommy Melton MIDDLE INFIELD Nightmare
Pat Foster SHORTSTOP Premier
Jared Hunt OUTFIELD Pure Sports
Jason Matusik OUTFIELD TDB
Travis Houseman OUTFIELD Precision
Dan Kirkwood OUTFIELD Racks Astros
Donald Hollingsworth Jr. OUTFIELD Newbreed
John Zorich OUTFIELD Baugh Ford
Brandon Hooks OUTFIELD Baugh Ford
Patrick Ellwanger OUTFIELD Xtreme
Matt Schrage OUTFIELD All Out
Filip Washington OUTFIELD Smash It Sport
Dal Beggs MANAGER Riot Sports



Top Major team – #1 Resmondo/RDD/ IN/Sprizzi/Easton
Top 'AA' team – #4 Pure Sports/ Monsta
Top 'A' team – #10 Baugh Ford/Pure Sports/ Kincaid
Top 'B' team – #27 Rebel Sports/ Dirty Sports/ MIKEN 

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  1. Michael Dalsanders says:

    I would like to make some suggestions regarding the production of your live streaming of tournaments during the 2018 year. I am interested in making constructive comments that I hope could be used to make your production process more fan friendly. I am an avid fan and were it not for my access to a current team member it would be very difficult to follow real time play. I look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Ranger says:

    A lot of lawn ranger guts on there! Good too see!

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