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2018 Long Haul Bombers in Cincinnati


2018 Long Haul Bombers in Cincinnati

“ Flip”  On Top With 11
Monsta Militia Stadium Power Tour 

July 27, 2018 Cincinnati  Ohio
Flip Washington led the way before 35,409 Reds fans Friday night, using his Monsta Athletics bat to it’s maximum advantage.  Flip won the night at Great American Ballpark after the Reds and Phillies game.  “The crowd was amazing, it was a classic hot summer night, myself and my Monsta Athletics bat were in a groove, softball sure can be a whole lot of fun!“

3 sluggers ending up in a 3- way tie for second place with 9 points.  Ryan Dacko had high hopes to blast a Dudley softball in the Ohio River just outside the right field wall. “I didn’t make it into the Ohio River tonight, but I feel on the right night, I think it can be done here and I want to be the first.  But we had a great show, before a fired up softball lovin’ crowd. All the Monsta Athletics sluggers represented well “

Local USA softball slugger Patrick Floyd Foster led off with 5 points and showed he’s almost ready for prime time. “ It was an honor to hit with the Monsta Athletics Sluggers in front of my home town, special thanks to Monsta Athletics, the Reds and USA Softball, all class organizations.“ 

Monsta Militia Power Tour: Cincinnati’s Great American Ball Park Home of the Reds: July 27, 2018 Results:
Flip Washington: 11
Dan “ D-Mack “ McClement: 9
Tim “ T-mart “ Martinez:  9
Ryan “ D-Train “ Dacko:  9
Chris “G-Man“ Greinert: 6 
Partick Floyd Foster:5 

Next up, the Monsta Militia Stadium Power Tour travels to St Louis and Busch Stadium, home of the Cardinals, for a home run derby on Monday August 13 before the Cards game.


4 responses to “2018 Long Haul Bombers in Cincinnati”

  1. steve says:

    Just an FYI No longer Long Haul Bomber Tour

  2. socal says:

    What a joke!

  3. Brett says:

    Sorry Ryan my friend, but you’re about 13 years late on being the first one to hit it out of the stadium into the river! Some old, fat guy went fishing there before. Enjoy the tour though, it is a great time!

    • Dacko says:

      My bad Mr. Helmer, I was told no one has.. If I could ever do it, it would be an honor to join you. Thank you and it is a blast to be able to do this

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