Friday September 21st, 2018

2018 GSL Mojo Moneyball preview!



GSL Mojo Moneyball bracket links!


The GSL Mojo Moneyball starts today, March 23rd in Columbus, Ohio at the Lou Berliner Park.  The GSL "Open" division has 13 teams with 8 of them basically Conference teams.  This was an open roster event so some teams have pickups.  The double elimination event starts Saturday morning at 8 AM eastern and the championship is set for Noon on Sunday.  I don't see rosters posted but the All In team may have some Resmondo players?  The Team Jonah and Maddox team is Racks/Worth Astros.  And of course last years 'AA' runner up Precision and the 'A' World runner up TG Brand are also in the event along with Premier, Pauer Sports/JBL/Tailgaters, Insane Sports, and La Famiglia from the Conference.

There is also Men's C (30 teams), D (64 teams), and E (52 teams) divisions as well as a women's A (5 teams), and women's D (12 teams).


Open Division Bracket:

Weather for the Mojo

The main field was #14 which is in the upper right of the lower left quad in the picture

Dimensions were 309-330-365-345-297

The other 3 fields  in that quad as you can see have some very large but odd dimensions


The home run derby winner gets this belt.

There are 96 participants signed up for bracket style home run derby on Friday night.




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