Friday September 21st, 2018

2018 Fan Poll Rankings Results for USSSA Teams M, AA, A, B!

Here is the results of the SoftballCenter fan poll ranking the 2018 teams.


This year Smash It edges out Resmondo.  Last year you might recall Resmondo edged out Smash It in the pre-season fan polling but Smash It won the regular season and USSSA Major World Series.  It wasn't the landslide vote for Resmondo in 2017 that some claim.  This year the majority of fans are going with Smash It.




Last year fans went with Astros and Astros did finish 1st in AA points but Xtreme who was picked by the fans 5th won the AA World Tournament.  This year fans are tied in their first place vote between Racks/Astros and TDB/FAI with Pure Sports and Precision so close that you could basically say the top 4 are all tied going into the season.  An interesting note is that Nightmare was ranked last by fans in the 'AA' pre-season poll and finished 2nd in 'AA' Conference standings.




Last year we ranked the 'A' and 'B' teams together and Bay Area Legends won the pre-season fan ranking poll but Baugh Ford who ranked 4th by fans finished 1st in 'A' points and Steel Sports who was ranked 6th by fans won the USSSA 'A' World Tournament.  This year Bay Area Legends gets the nod again over All Out, Baugh Ford, and TG Brand.  Remember Bay Area Legends, All Out, and Baugh Ford are all TBD (To be determined) classed teams, so they may or may not end up in the 'A' division.




I am not sure about the integrity of the 'B' polling data as it is a very small sample size.  But fun to look at nevertheless.  I had Smash It Sports and Terry's at the top of my vote.  L&S Glass who won the fan poll here, did win the USA Softball 'B' Nationals last fall.





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