Thursday September 21st, 2023

2018 Dan Smith/Menosse/Steven Smith team!


Dan Smith/Menosse/Steven Smith – Major

Davis Bilardello
Dale Brungardt
Argen Dodds
Ben Dunn
Erik Kanaby
Steven Lloyd
Mike Nino
Lee Powers
Jordan Spaulding
Ryan Stovall
Flip Washington
LC Watson
Steve Whaley

General Manager and Assistant Coach Pat Dalsanders
Head Coach: Steven Smith
Stats and Assistant Coach Hector Pagan

Dan Smith
Eddie Menosse
Steven Smith
Easton Sports
Uniforms and Apparel by

2018 USSSA Schedule:
April  6-8  Las Vegas, NV
April 13-15 Houston, TX
April 19-22 Hall of Fame Dual Viera, FL
May    4-6  Chattanooga, TN
May   18-20 Euless, TX
June   1-3  Carol Stream, IL
June  21-24 Kent Dual Kent, WA
June 29-July 1 Dudley Brooklyn Center, MN (TENTATIVE)
July  13-15 Smoky Maryville, TN
July  20-22 Cincinnati, OH
August 3-5  Columbus, OH
August 31-Sept 2 USSSA Conference Viera, FL
September 19-22 USSSA Major World Series Viera, FL


6 responses to “2018 Dan Smith/Menosse/Steven Smith team!”

  1. Art says:

    Glad to see my boy Argen Dobbs up there!!!Alot of Texas Talent on that team!

    • Guyanne glidewell says:

      My son John Glidewell played for dan smith at one time. He played for the fence brokers before his death and his evil dad wrote his and our daughters wills and their death is being investigated . I was given something that made my heart beat 170 times all night at sparks hospital and the person who wanted me dead had an advance directive on me and John and Crystal. I paid Steven smith a lawyer quite a sum of money to get the advance directive out of medical records but they won’t remove it from the file at sparks hospital in fort smith Arkansas. The person who wrote our three advance directives plus bought four plots at oak cemetery where across the street is the Christian ball fields where Vicki Marta and Chris walker and ken hawk plus Brent Lovell with shield of shelter and mike Lowery whose dad was just inducted into the hall of fame in fort smith gave memorial tournaments on old greenwood road across the street from oak cemetery which for mother’s day and Easter and johns birthday I decorated the graves and it’s grown up and not taken cate. Of plus the memorial tournament money did not go to Jerry Glidewell at the boys club not Mary name lackey who I talked to at the college in fort smith which is UAFS plus johns dad and Vicki Marta wrote our w ills together and they keep having me thrown in jail with their lies and then they threw me into a mental health facility which I was refused my thyroid medicine and my heart medicine and blood pressure plus my medicine to keep my parathyroid tumors from coming back and they didn’t give me my needed medicine for 21 days and now I’ve developed a bad heart problem whic my heart is functioning at a very low function and I have trouble breathing. Steven Donald Marts Vicki’s husband has been in Jefferson City Missouri prison for theft of cars from Texas and he has a record of credit card fraud in fort smith at the fourth street record office and these people are framing me

  2. Cedric (Ceddie) Johnson says:

    Wow That Team is Gonna Be Real Nice. Good luck Gentlemen and God Bless Each Of U

  3. Lefty10 says:

    Where’s Greinert?

  4. Steve McGill says:

    Good luck Jordan Spaulding , Mike Nino and the rest of the team. Do work fellas

  5. Bob Ellis says:

    Love seeing Mike Nino getting a shot!!!!!!!!!!! #gamer

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