Thursday September 21st, 2023

2018 Cheap Suits/Deaf & Dope/Republic Realty team!


2018 Cheap Suits/Deaf & Dope/ Republic Realty (CA-B)

Scotty Costa
Joshua Robinson
Kenny Bergmann
Sean Namanny
Craig Lovelady
Danny Fontaine
Aaron Gori
Devon Denholm
Steven Martins
Mateo Pacheco
Adam Smylie
Floyd Seabron
Nick Larson

Sonny Aguilera Academy Mortgage Corp
Deaf & dope apparel
Republic realty

Manager – Sonny Aguilera

Coach – Scotty Costa
Coach – Donald Ybarreche

2018 Tournament Schedule:
April USSSA Las Vegas Major
April USSSA HOF Dual Major
May Manteca Open
May USSSA Dallas Major
July USSSA Chicago Major
July USSSA Seattle Dual
July USSSA Colorado Major
September USSSA B World

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