Tuesday July 5th, 2022

2018 Bryant Express / OA


Won USSSA Women's 'C' in 2015, Won USSSA 'B' and 3rd in 'A' in 2016, and finished 3rd in Major and 'A' in 2017

Bryant Express / OA
#1 Justine Rial
#3 Dara Tyler 
#5 Tawna Williams 
#7 Savannah Brown 
#8 Kasey Loomis 
#9 Jess Tolbert
#10 Julie Wisniewski
#14 Brooke Connell
#18 Carrie Kaberline 
#19 Ashley Meredith 
#22 Courtney Walters 
#23 Amanda Lynch 
#23 Dara Toman 

Manager- Hayes LeMay 

2017 Team Picture from the Houston Major

One response to “2018 Bryant Express / OA”

  1. Clay Dickey says:

    Congrats Ladies. Well Deserved.

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