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2017 USSSA Major World Series Day #3 Recap!



2017 Major World Series Day 3 Recap

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Game #25 Recap

Smash It Sports/Scene's Andrew Collins hit 2 big homer's against Dan Smith

Game #25 – The first winner's bracket semifinal Friday night was #1 Smash It/Scene and #4 Dan Smith.  The Smith team came out of the gate focused and line drive hitting as they scored 5 runs without a homer in the top of the 1st.  In the bottom half of the inning Dan Smith used some nice plays by middle infielder Chad Durick and 3rd Baseman John Williams to hold Smash It/Scene to 1 run.  In the top of the 2nd Dedonatis at shortstop for Smash It/Scene threw out Colby Hughes at the plate on a heads up fielder's choice and Dan Smith's Brian Zirkle bounced one off of pitcher Andy Purcell which many thought might start a middle war.  Dan Smith scored 5 more in the inning without a homer and led 10-1 as they held Smash It/Scene scoreless  In the top of the 3rd Dan Smith pitcher LC Watson while running to 2nd base pulled a hamstring and had to come out of the game.  At that point the momentum shifted and it was all Smash It/Scene for the remainder of the game.  They got a 2 run double by Cory Briggs, a 3 run homer by Andrew Collins, a bases loaded walk, a Purcell 2 run single, another Collins homer, a Branch 2 run double, and a Brandon Dillon grand slam to go up 27-15 at the end of 6 innings.  In the top of the 7th Dan Smiths dormant offense briefly came back to life as they scored 9 runs but came up short in the loss 24-27.


Dan Smith pitcher LC Watson pulled a hamstring and it was all down hill for them the rest of the game



Game #26 Recap

Bad Draw getting ready to take on Resmondo

Game #26 – #14 seeded Bad Draw was still alive in the winner's bracket after they beat SIS/Thunder on Wednesday and Baugh Ford on Thursday.  They took on #2 Resmondo in the last game on Friday night.  In the top of the 1st Bad Draw's big first baseman Jess Maloney hit a 2 run homer but Resmondo who was in home run mode themselves got 3 run homer's from Travis Clark and Buddy Wolf to go up 8-2.  In the 2nd Bad Draw answered with a 2 run homer by Forbes and Resmondo's Pearson hit a 2 run homer to make it 12-5.  In the 3rd it was more of the long ball as Bad Draw's Brent Powers hit a 2 run homer and Resmondo left fielder Brian Wegman went up and over the fence to rob Forbes.  In the bottom of the 3rd Resmondo took control of the game with a 3 run homer by Bryson Baker, a 2 run shot by Wegman and they went up 21-8 and finished the game by the run rule on a solo by Bubba Mack and a 2 run shot by BJ Fulk in the bottom of the 5th.



Friday's Loser Bracket Games


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