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A look back at last years report —> 2017 USSSA Columbus B.A.T.S. Major tournament report!





2017 Nationwide Conference USSSA


5th Annual B.A.T.S. Major


Columbus, Ohio


August 4-6


Resmondo's Bubba Mack hits against Smash It Sports/Scene in the winner's final Saturday night


Link to SoftballCenter picture album of Columbus 


2017 B.A.T.S. men's and women's bracket/info link


The "Last Chance" Major wound up in Columbus, Ohio this year after traditionally being held in Sterling Hts, Michigan for as long as I can remember.  They call it the last chance because it is the final chance to earn regular season Nationwide Conference USSSA points and make the top 16 team in the standings which locks your team into the 2017 USSSA Major World Series!  The tournament began with 26 teams (23 from the league) and all 6 Major teams on Friday night in perfect but windy weather.  So the gusting winds coming in from the highway near the field blew straight in from left on Field #17 and straight in from Right on Field #16 which made scoring difficult on those two baseball fields.  But it also made for high scoring games on fields #14 and #15 where it blew out at up to 28 miles per hour.

The play in games were relatively uneventful as far as upsets as all 10 of the higher seeds advanced to play a second game in the winner's bracket.  So in the second round Friday #1 Smash It/Scene/TDB/Miken/Worth run ruled TG Brand Easton 33-17 after TG had just knocked off rival 'B' team Premier 24-23.  #2 Resmondo/OA/HAuto/SpTank/Easton came from a double digit deficit to beat Oklahoma 'A' team Seminoles 44-37 on field #15.  #3 ranked Worth/Astros/K&G run ruled TDB/TMSports 41-20, and in the night cap Nightmare/Miken upset major team Newbreed 29-21.  In more 2nd round action Saturday morning Racks crushed The Scene/HDLNS 29-8 and Precision/3rd Street run ruled 'AA' rival Xtreme/Miken 28-7.

In the 3rd round the "Final 8" then started at noon on Saturday with Nightmare/Miken grabbing a 3 run lead on Worth Astros going into the bottom of the 7th and Astros could muster just 1 run with homer's left and lost 22-20.  Then on field #15 Racks had a golden opportunity to gain some points on their Major peers but got smoked by Resmondo 25-9 with the wind blowing out?  In the lower half of the bracket Smash It Sports/Scene cruised past Precision 38-18 when Precision failed to make plays on those hard infield shots, and Dan Smith run ruled upstart Bay Area Legends 31-11 in a short 4 inning game.

The final 4 then started at 6 PM Saturday with Resmondo pulling away from and run ruling Nightmare who put up a fight 37-22 and Smash It Sports/Scene using superior infield defense to beat Dan Smith 35-20.  The winner's bracket finals then began immediately following the semi finals at 7:30 PM on field #14.  Resmondo and Smash It Sports/Scene the #2 and #1 teams in the country battled it out on the show field.  Resmondo appeared to be headed to a rare victory over Smash It Sports/Scene but a late 7 run rally left Resmondo looking at a 5 run deficit with 5 home runs left in the bottom of the 7th and they didn't score in a 30-4 defeat.

The loser's bracket meanwhile was littered with dead carcasses of teams that were beaten by the two major teams SIS/Thunder and Newbreed who had each lost their first game on Friday and were making a run.  Thunder knocked off Scene/Cornerstone, OA Apparel, Racks by 2, Xtreme 18-3, Dan Smith 37-22, and Nightmare 30-22 late Saturday night to advance to Sunday's final 3.  Newbreed sent home Rebel, TDB/TMSports, Precision by 1, and Premier by the run rule before losing to Nightmare.  So Nightmare finished an impressive 4th and was the highest 'AA' team again.

On Sunday in the loser's final SIS/Thunder who should have been exhausted got off to an impressive 14-2 lead on Resmondo and put them away when Resmondo forgot how to field 31-14. 

Then in the first championship game Thunder could not put away SIS/Scene when they had them down 11 and a run rule looming and in typical SIS/Scene fashion the boys in white and purple came back to take a 35-30 lead and Thunder with the hammer was unable to produce against Purcell in the late innings and SIS/Scene won their 27th game in a row and their 9th tournament of the season. 

The tournament was well played throughout but SIS/Scene was too much in the late innings and played a lockdown infield defense on the artificial turf.  Their pitching and infield defense was superior to their opponents and they had enough clutch hitting late to stay undefeated.  Resmondo and Thunder both let them off the hook in the late innings.  The umpiring had its hiccups this week which was unusual but it didn't change the outcome of any of the games.  The best diving plays of the weekend in the infield were by Aaron Sandoval of JBL and Adam Ussery of Thunder.  The best diving catch was by Mike Ortiz of Worth Astros.  The defense in the championship game by the two Smash It teams would be worth watching on the archived game video as both teams traded great play after great play.

Season ending points standings


The batting title came down to Brad Carlsen of Bay Area Legends and Filip Washington of OA Apparel.  Flip went 12-16 to finish 164-198 to finish at .828 and Carlsen went 12-16 to finish 162-195 .830 

Smash It/Scene/TDB gets ready for the championship game!

SIS/Thunder center fielder Brian Logan takes on SIS/Scene in the championship game


Team Breakdown:
26 Teams Overall
23 Nationwide Conference USSSA Teams
6 Major Teams
8 'AA' Teams
5 'A' Teams
6 'B' Teams

It looks like Ussery was safe when he stumbled between third and second and had to get back to second.

SIS/Scene was adamant that he was out and Rector got tossed over it.

Umpires look like they were right on that one.


The stare down at the coin flip, won of course by Thunder…again


SIS/Thunders Kevin Kennington hits Sunday morning with the city of Columbus as a backdrop

Thunder's Josh Riley hits against Resmondo in the loser's final

SIS/Thunder taking on Scene/Cornerstone deep in the loser's bracket Saturday morning

The baseball quad in Columbus hadsome strange quirks and bends in the outfieldfence.

Feild #16 had a mini-green monster that was only 300 feet or less but then it jutted straight out to 360.

The 'EC' bad batch stadium was the main ball used.

Bad batch meaning they had a lower compression than a stadium but higher than a classic M.



Oldscout pollers were correct



Video Highlites brought to you by:

Video clips.  Not sure why the quality of the clips seems a little less this week.

I must have uploaded them differently somehow.

Clip highlights include Adam Ussery's diving play at SS.

A bare foot race between Boothe, Gallmeier, and Newman for $100.

And a catch in CF by DW of a Harvey homer…lol

Also the line drive off of Purcells ankle…



Long Bombers of the Week

Racks Argen Dodds put on an absolute hitting show over on field #16 in the loser's bracket Saturday.  He hit the hardest line drive homer to left center over the 355 mark across the parking lot and into the tall grass beyond the parked cars.  It drew a number of oohs and ahs from those in attendance.  Later in the game he hit one as high as it was long as it cleared the parked cars.  Using google earth I am estimating that shot at 460 feet.



 Columbus Major Awards and Final Standings

Player Tournament Awards Players Name Plays For
Defensive Tournament MVP Andy Purcell SMASH IT/SCENE/TDB/MIKEN/WORTH
All Tournament Team Jason Branch SMASH IT/SCENE/TDB/MIKEN/WORTH
All Tournament Team Cory Briggs SMASH IT/SCENE/TDB/MIKEN/WORTH
All Tournament Team Andrew Collins SMASH IT/SCENE/TDB/MIKEN/WORTH
All Tournament Team Ryan Harvey SMASH IT/SCENE/TDB/MIKEN/WORTH
All Tournament Team Brandon Dillon SMASH IT/SCENE/TDB/MIKEN/WORTH
Place State Team Team Class Wins Losses Ties Runs
Avg Runs
Avg Run
1 NY – Rochester SMASH IT/SCENE/TDB/MIKEN/WORTH  USSSA-SPMensMajor 5 0 0 175 114 35.0 22.8 12.2 38 300
2 NY – Wading River SIS/THUNDER/MIKEN/WORTH/LOUISVILLE  USSSA-SPMensMajor 7 2 0 242 131 26.9 14.6 12.3 37 225
3 FLS – Winter Haven Resmondo/O.A.Apparel/H.Auto/SPTank  USSSA-SPMensMajor 3 2 0 149 133 29.8 26.6 3.2 44 200
4 MO – Branson Nightmare/Miken  USSSA-Mens-AA 4 2 0 141 144 23.5 24.0 -0.5 34 175
5 WA – Tukwila NEWBREED/GTS/DEMARINI  USSSA-SPMensMajor 4 2 0 146 116 24.3 19.3 5.0 31 155
5 CAN – San Jose Dan Smith/Menosse  USSSA-SPMensMajor 2 2 0 121 93 30.3 23.3 7.0 48 155
7 MN – Medina Xtreme/Miken/ASP/Athlon  USSSA-Mens-AA 4 2 0 116 110 19.3 18.3 1.0 32 130
7 OH – Morrow Premier/Easton  USSSA-Mens-B 3 2 0 108 98 21.6 19.6 2.0 29 230
9 IL – Chicago Precision/3rd St./GBrand/Easton  USSSA-Mens-AA 2 2 0 81 71 20.3 17.8 2.5 28 110
9 WY – Casper Racks/Sonny's/Athlon/Easton/Cutter  USSSA-SPMensMajor 2 2 0 90 78 22.5 19.5 3.0 29 110
9 CAN – Castro Valley Bay Area Legends/Miken  USSSA-Mens-A 2 2 0 61 84 15.3 21.0 -5.8 26 110
9 IN – Indianapolis WORTH ASTROS / K&G / KLUTCH  USSSA-Mens-AA 1 2 0 92 74 30.7 24.7 6.0 41 110
13 MI – Flint TG Brand.Easton  USSSA-Mens-B 2 2 0 72 108 18.0 27.0 -9.0 24 170
13 NC – Charlotte TDB/TMSports/MidWestWhiteTailAdv/Mi  USSSA-Mens-AA 2 2 0 102 118 25.5 29.5 -4.0 39 70
13 OH – Hamilton The Scene/HDLNS/BHR/Easton  USSSA-Mens-AA 2 2 0 81 68 20.3 17.0 3.3 28 70
13 TXN – Gladewater OA APPAREL/BROUGHTON/KBI/EASTON  USSSA-Mens-AA 2 2 0 90 106 22.5 26.5 -4.0 36 70
17 OK – Tulsa SEMINOLES/TPS/NACSF.INC/MIKEN  USSSA-Mens-A 1 2 0 87 98 29.0 32.7 -3.7 37 40
17 OH – Columbus MJ Lowe  USSSA-Mens-C 1 2 0 55 63 18.3 21.0 -2.7 25 65
17 OH – Neo Titan truckin  USSSA-Mens-B 1 2 0 27 56 9.0 18.7 -9.7 11 65
17 OH – Kent JBL/Tailgaters/All In/B&E/Worth  USSSA-Mens-A 0 2 0 49 58 24.5 29.0 -4.5 29 40
17 MI – Kalamazoo HB/SoftballFans/Miken/Evil  USSSA-Mens-B 0 2 0 26 67 13.0 33.5 -20.5 14 140
17 KY – Richmond The Scene/Cornerstone/BuffaloWings  USSSA-Mens-A 0 2 0 34 72 17.0 36.0 -19.0 31 40
17 NC – Hendersonville Worsham Athletics/BF Cattle/Athon/M  USSSA-Mens-B 0 2 0 39 53 19.5 26.5 -7.0 22 140
17 MI – Dearborn Rebel Sports/Game On/Dirty/hangrite  USSSA-Mens-B 0 2 0 34 66 17.0 33.0 -16.0 19 140
25 OH – Columbus Old Bag/Chubby's/Pauer Sports  USSSA-Mens-B 0 2 0 19 32 9.5 16.0 -6.5 10 65
25 UT – Salt Lake Tradesmen Elite/Worth/Savon  USSSA-Mens-A 0 2 0 26 52 13.0 26.0 -13.0 17 40


SIS/Scene shortstop Don Dedonatis Jr was the tournament MVP

Defensive MVP was Andy Purcell.  Jr and Reyna both get an honorable mention as they made so many great plays as did Adam Ussery of Thunder.



Team by team notes brought to you by:


1st Place Smash It/Scene/TDB/DirtySportsWear/Miken/Worth

Conf Major from NY  5-0 Record

I am running out of great things to say about the sheer dominance of SIS/Scene in 2017.  They played the turf better than anyone else.  That second hop and the way it speeds up on the turf was played so well by Luis Reyna over and over again.  Then Jr, Briggs, and Rulli would do the same and Kanaby would stab a line drive or a hotshot.  Purcell who played the last 2.5 games with a severly bruised ankle and shin also snapped off the hardest liner of the tournament up the middle.  The timely hitting was not dominant but good enough and as in past weeks when one part of their game isn't crisp, the other two parts are.  27 wins in a row and only 5 losses on the season may be the most impressive season of any Conference team in its 12 year history considering the level of the teams this year.

Trending Up!



Jason Branch and Andy Purcell


Brandon Dillon and Luis Reyna


Dennis Rulli and Andrew Collins (11 HR)

Ryan Harvey wrapped up the Nationwide Conference USSSA Home Run and RBI title


Erik Kanaby with the backhand and Nic Santana in CF


Don Dedonatis and Cory Briggs

Andy's leg after being drilled by a hard liner.

He played the rest of the tournament like this.



2nd Place SIS/Thunder/Miken/Worth/Louisville

Conf Major from NY  7-2 Record


Thunder lost to Bay Area 12-7 with the wind gusting straight in over on the biggest field #17.  Then they sent home everyone they came up against and looked fairly fresh (considering) going into the championship game on Sunday.  They had the hammer in the bottom of the 6th and 7th but just didn't come through against their rival SIS team and ended up 2nd.  They had impressive wins over major teams Racks, Dan Smith, and Resmondo and beat some of the top 'AA' teams in OA and Nightmare during their run through the loser's bracket.  They played without Stovall (work) and Kennington left before the championship game.  Also Filby didn't play much but CF Brian Logan was back full go after his recent injuries.  Pitcher Andy Vitcak took a hard shot bouncer up under the chin area it seemed during the championship but after laying on the ground for a half a minute to make sure everything was working, he got up and pitched right away.  These pitchers are as tough as they come.

Trending Up!


McBryde above, and Ussery and Costantino below made some great plays


Thunder SS Adam Ussery (short U) makes a diving stop and throw to Costantino for the out!

Logan had the best home run rob that I witnessed against Resmondo

Tyler Driskell was back racking up the doubles and triples


Yates and Haglund



3rd Place Resmondo/O.A.Apparel/H.Auto/SPTank

Conf Major from FL  3-2 Record

Resmondo didn't field the ball and their "big offense" roster never scored like they should especially in those games with the wind blowing out.  On Sunday when they could have made up for Saturday nights 7th inning collapse, they didn't…

There is always the Major to snap out of their "Rip Van Winkle" like season long sleep walk…   Sorry, just calling it like I see it.

Trending down


Clark and Sanchez pitching for Resmondo

Fulk hammers a homer

Bazat at SS and Wegman in LF



4th Place Nightmare/Miken

Conf 'AA' from MO  4-2 Record


Nightmare won their first 3 games including a big upset of Newbreed Friday night and then they knocked off Worth Astros the top 'AA' team 22-20.  After losing to Resmondo they completed a 4th place finish with a 30-22 win over Newbreed AGAIN!  This team seems to get stronger as the season goes on and the addition of Tommie Melton seems to have helped push the team to another level.  They are now 8th in the points!  Billy Maggard when the stats come in may have crossed the 100 homer mark!

Trending Up!


Ben Dunn

Tom Melton was a big energy lift for Nightmare

Hinojosa drives a nail

2B Nolan Fogle



Tied 5th Place Newbreed/GTS/Demarini

Conf Major from WA  4-2 Record


Newbreed played without Utley, Chente, and Powers had a sprained ankle.  They picked up Geno Buck for the stretch run but Newbreed couldn't beat Nightmare, losing to them twice.  The team hasn't had that great energy they had in 2016 most of the year but they did show some heart by finishing 5th.   

Trending Even

Geno Buck returned to the Conference with Newbreed

Mooch does the one leg whirling dervish pitch

Cordova at 2B, Flood at MI, and Whaley at SS



Tied 5th Place Dan Smith/Menosse

Conf Major from CA  2-2 Record


Dan Smith was playing well with run rule wins over OA and Bay Area.  In the SIS/Scene game they just never had those big innings that you need against Purcell and then dropped a late night Saturday game to Thunder 37-22.  They seem healthy and poised to break out but it just hasn't happened lately.

Trending Even


Zirkle triples

Lloyd turns two


Pearson and Guill



Other top finishing Conference teams



Tied 7th Place – Xtreme/Miken/ASP/Athlon

Conf 'AA' from MN  4-2 Record

Xtreme had a chance early on to put Precision down but lost on Saturday morning.  In the loser's bracket they sent home Worth Astros 32-31 but then only scored 3 against Thunder as the Sundayitis set in…

Danny Evans did a share of the pitching.

Trending up sort of!


Vittitow and Newman



Tied 7th Place – Premier/Easton

Conf 'B' from OH  3-2 Record

Premier beat Seminoles, Scene/HDLNS, and Bay Area Legends after that one run loss on Friday to 'B' rival TG Brand.  Impressive and they only needed two more wins to slip into the Major and knock out Steel!

Trending up!

Brian Lakes

Clay Norton

Kevin Forwith



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Some more pictures for you:


3B JD Genter, RF Chris Terry, and pitcher Chad Loudon all joined Racks who finished 9th.

They run ruled Scene/HDLNS but lost to Resmondo 25-9 and then ran into Thunder in the loser's bracket and lost by 2.

Precision tied for 9th as they run ruled Xtreme but then lost two in a row to Major teams.

TG Brand won the battle of top 'B' teams 24-23 over Premier and beat JBL/Tailgaters 21-20 but finished 13th.

Ryan Morrow hit a walk off homer to beat JBL.

Bay Area Legends solidified their spot in the Major with a 9th place finish and a huge upset of Thunder 12-7.

Chris Stamper did the pitching for Scene/Cornerstone but they went 0-2


HB Softball went 2 and out

TDB/TMSports picked up Jeff Roxby and Jo Jo Bennett below and needed a 5th or better to make the major but ended up 13th.




Seminoles went 1-2 and tied for 17th.

They did have win a shootout with JBL.

Worsham wanted to capitalize on their momentum from NC but went 0-2


Local team MJ Lowe had a nice win over Tradesmen and a great play here by their 3B.

Lowe center fielder Jacob Santille made an incredible running catch into the center field fence on Field 16.


Tradesmen went 0-2

Jason Legault one of Canada's premier power hitters

Longtime sponsor Tony Albicocco made the trip to see his 3 teams that he sponsors.

Tim "Tiny" Taylor and the Big Cat Mike Macenko

Mario Granados returned to the conference with Bay Area Legends

Shaun Ballard with sponsor Tony Albicocco

OA Apparel tied for 14th at 2-2.  They didn't hit against the Major teams.

Yeilding, Messer, and Sullivan in the infield for O.A.

JBL/Tailgaters went 0-2, SS Aaron Sandoval made one of the better diving plays of the tournament

Scene/Headlines picked up Joey Formosa (pictured below) but went 2-2 and tied for 13th

Rebel will try to regroup for Worlds.

Gallmeier in grey, Newman in red, and Boothe in black race for a pizza or $100, not sure…

Rector gets an early shower





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