Wednesday June 3rd, 2020

2017 Resmondo/OA Apparel/H.Auto/Specialty Tank/RDD/Easton!


OA Apparel has replaced ASPNation in the team name


2017 Resmondo/OA Apparel/H.Auto/Specialty Tank/RDD/Easton

2017 Schedule:
Las Vegas
HOF Dual
Columbus, IN
Seattle Dual
Smoky Mountain Classic
Columbus, Ohio
Conference Championships
Major World Series
ASA Super

The softball world was set into a spin Friday (October 14th) when the dominant sponsor in slow-pitch softball Travis Resmondo who has won 10 USSSA Major World Series titles moved away from his long time partnership with Worth and brought his support to the defending USSSA Major World Series Champions Easton and Brett Helmer, and they will partner with sponsors Jason Wilkins – ASP, Bob Hortenbach – H. Auto, John Riccio – Specialty Tank, and Scott DeLorge – RDD to form the all new Resmondo/ASP/H.Auto/Specialty Tank/RDD/Easton for 2017!

The merger of Resmondo and Easton will bring changes to the roster.  The new roster freshly inked will consist of long time Smash It Sports outfielders Brian Wegman, Buddy Wolf, and Mike Umschied.  Infielders Bubba Mack (Resmondo), Kevin Bazat (SIS), Bryson Baker (SIS), two time Conference Triple Crown winner Greg Connell (Resmondo), and 2016 Major World Series MVP Kyle Pearson.  The pitching will be done by Travis Clark (SIS) and Dan "Dirty" Sanchez (Resmondo).  The Catching/EH spots will be handled by BJ Fulk (Resmondo) and Scott Kirby (SIS).  Utility positions will be filled by SIS veterans Brad Reckart and Chris Hansen.  

The new team will be managed by softball legends Howie Krause and Brett Helmer.  The team will be assisted by Travel Coordinator Shirl Webb and John Glidewell award winner Pete Campbell.

The new Major team could feature one of the best offensive lineups in softball history!

OF Brian Wegman


OF Buddy Wolf


OF/IF Mike Umschied

IF/OF Bubba Mack


IF Kevin Bazat


IF Bryson Baker


2B Greg Connell


1B Kyle Pearson

Travis Clark

Dan "Dirty" Sanchez


BJ Fulk

UT Scott Kirby


Howie Krause


Brett Helmer


Brad Reckart


Chris Hansen

18 responses to “2017 Resmondo/OA Apparel/H.Auto/Specialty Tank/RDD/Easton!”

  1. just wondering says:

    Where is andy purcell going??

  2. Nelly says:

    Wow, do we know where Don Dedonatis, Salas, Reyna, Purcell, Izzy and Collins are going??

  3. Casey Alexander says:


  4. Rj#75 says:

    Dam Smith / Eaton / Worth/ Miken/ LS..???

  5. fan says:

    from what I heard they are going to the losers bracket, or maybe the scene. no chance against the new Team Resmondo lineup. Best roster ever!!!

    • Zoetaite says:

      Wouldn’t say the best roster ever. Lot’s of names, but wait and see how Backman (or whatever they will be called) answers. Can’t even imagine if they can add players (youth) like Santana / Collins and Reyna with what they had last year – WOW! They have the big boppers, but IMO if these guy’s do end up there they will be the best defensive team on the tour. Lots of elite talent still out there.


  6. Jeff says:

    Don’t think this team will mesh right away. They are so used to playing against each other that I think it’s going to take a while. That being said, look out when they do mesh.

  7. rod rumpler says:

    where’s filby?

  8. Jrod says:

    I wanna know what’s gonna happen with the worth guys and bats. Is Connell and bj gonna be swinging Easton or worth. And if not swinging worth what’s gonna happen with previous bats for returns and the pre orders ppl made

    • Jams says:

      My guess would be that they’ll stay with Worth for their signature models. Individual bat/manufacturer contracts seem to supersede team sponsorship contracts. Example: Filby and Pearson both swung Miken all year long on an Easton sponsored team. Izzy swung Miken on a Worth sponsored team.

      Once their contracts run up, maybe they change to Easton for their next signature model. We’ll have to see.

  9. Jrod says:

    Also I know these guys can hit. But it’s gonna be a lil different if they gotta swing Easton after swinging worth all these years. Cause to me worth and miken are on top far as bats go in my opinion. To me Easton isn’t as good. Amd it takes a lil bit to get use too

  10. Paul says:

    Spoke with both izzy and filby and Santana
    All are great guys and know its a business. All
    Will be on new teams next year. And as far as the
    Best team? The 2017 season will tell. There will always
    Have team make last min roster changes. I tell everyone
    This, the new talent pool is now alot bigger with both
    Easton and worth and miken guys now out there. And
    Like we all saw this year. Is any team can beat any team.
    2017…is going to be fun…

  11. Patrick says:

    Just one time I would love for the major teams to come to Atlanta for the Peach State

  12. Tony Vallati says:

    WOW !! RESMONDO is stacked on paper, not an out in that murderers’ row line up.

  13. Mike says:

    Does anyone no the exact dates of the Chicago tournament

  14. Joe says:

    Where did Stansbury go?

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