Tuesday July 5th, 2022

Christmas sale on SoftballCenter bats!


SoftballCenter bats for sale

dw@softballcenter.com  Email for prices.

Discount if you purchase two.  Buy them all for one low price.

28 ounce Newbreed
27 ounce Newbreed
26 ounce Brungardt
26 ounce Brungardt


Louisville Sluggers
2017 26 Z4 Endload
2017 26 Z4 Balanced
2017 27 Z4 Balanced
2017 27 Super Z Kennington
2017 Super Z Balanced

2016 26 oz Easton Helmer Torq
2016 26 oz Easton Helmer Torq
2016 27 oz Easton Helmer Torq
2016 26 oz Easton Wegman






12 responses to “Christmas sale on SoftballCenter bats!”

  1. Sideshow says:

    Black Freak is stupid hot…….

  2. RiderSoCal says:

    how much

  3. ZT says:

    You talking about the Freak 12 (black)?


  4. You’ve gotten good info these

  5. Justin Aldora says:

    Email me with a price please DW or text 765-977-7012

  6. cjs226 says:

    how much for the resmondo legit

  7. BigDC says:

    Not one bat there worth swinging

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