Wednesday June 3rd, 2020

Added Schedule —> 2017 SEMINOLES/ TPS/ NACSF.INC/ MIKEN team!


Jared Kennemer
Trey Gothard
Derrick Roland
Ray Leyba
Jd Harris
Mark Cochran
Mike Brewster
Brandon Raines
Scott Short
Terrin Thrash
Harley Page
Matt Cochran
Oliver Odle
Cody McCarter
Dusty Brown
Mike Boone

TPS / NACSF.INC- Tony and Paula Sanchez

Miken- Jason Kendrick

Space City- Houston, TX
Usssa hall of fame dual- Kissimmee FL
Texas Legends- Euless, TX
Dudley- Brooklyn Center, MN
Sooner Invitational- Tulsa, OK
Busch Classic- Little Rock, AR
Columbus- Columbus, OH

8 responses to “Added Schedule —> 2017 SEMINOLES/ TPS/ NACSF.INC/ MIKEN team!”

  1. John T. says:

    Is this the team that was in T4T in Palm Springs? If so, they are very good offensively and defensively. They sent home Sonny’s, a very good Hawaiian team, and nearly beat NewBreed. Good luck fellas!

  2. Nick says:

    Yes same team. Will be a tough out! Derrick Roland is a phenomenal talent, see you on the field bud, good luck this year!

  3. Cedric Johnson says:

    Awesome looking team God Bless and Good Luck

  4. Jose says:

    This team is very good! The pitcher is a tough dude, the entire infield is above average, the LF has a crazy arm!
    They will be in the hunt if they can go start to finish. Lost on a walkoff to FBI and gave GTS all they could handle!
    Good luck guys.

  5. Sideshow says:

    Lot of salt/heart on this team.. good luck guys!!

  6. dshgas says:

    They were a strong c team I think they will complete immediately very good offense above average defense not the best pitching but decent there also good luck

  7. C7 says:

    Is it most of the same players from 2016? Played these guys in Dallas , good group of guys

  8. Serena Brewster says:

    Good Luck Seminoles!

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