Friday May 29th, 2020

2017 Racks/Sonnys/Athlon/Easton/Cutter team!


2017 Racks/Sonnys/Athlon/Easton/Cutter
Tim Howard
Dan Kirkwood
Jon Nelson
Sammy Christensen
Alexis Ramirez
Ryan Mcclanahan
Brian Faria
Keith Laski
Steve Lopez
Tyson Steele
Stuart Snell
Argen Dodds
Adam Smiley
Jordan Spaulding
Orlando Cano
Jason Kreider player/coach
Sonny Pilcher manager/sponsor

2017 Schedule
3/31-4/2   Las Vegas
4/7-4/9    Houston
4/20-4/23  Dual Florida
5/19-5/21  Euless, Texas
6/2-6/4    Chicago
6/22-6/25  Dual Seattle
7/7-7/9    Smoky
ASA Firemans
8/4-8/6    Last Chance Columbus
Conference Championship
USSSA Major World Series
ASA Super



4 responses to “2017 Racks/Sonnys/Athlon/Easton/Cutter team!”

  1. Mike McKeever says:

    Is the city of Viera still going to build some fields in addition to the Utrip complex?

  2. Mike McKeever says:

    Good to see Rat back on the team, what happened time Nick Price?

  3. Chad Gullett says:

    Huge pickup for Racks with Spaulding. Kid is one of the best up and coming hitters in AZ. Plus you add Cano who hits the laces off the ball. Racks are going to make a great run. Good luck JS and OC!

  4. Gene Traylor says:

    Congrats Jordan & Orlando. Excellent studs out of AZ. Represent!

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