Wednesday June 3rd, 2020

2017 Precision/3rd St./G Brand/Easton team!


2017 Precision/3rd St./G Brand/Easton (IL-AA)

Possible Roster:
Brett McCollum
Matt Rear
Tom Paturzo
Jason Hoynowski
Jeff Keske
Kyle Kannenberg
Keith Anderson
Alex Abraham
Travis Houseman
Todd Ankney
Frank Fracek
Bryan Porter
Jeff Baird
Alex Burkel
Dan Bean
David Kessler
Brad Tabler
Devin Reilly
Robert Mahaffrey

William Wax – Precision
Rob Mahaffey – 3rd Street
Brian Matelic – G Brand
Brett Helmer – Easton

Tentative 2017 Tournament Schedule:
April USSSA Hall of Fame Dual
April USSSA Indianapolis
May USSSA Columbus, IN
June USSSA Chicago
June USSSA Dudley
July USSSA Smoky Mountain Classic
July USSSA Cincinnati
August USSSA Columbus, Ohio
September USSSA Conference Championships
September USSSA 'AA' World
September USSSA Major World Series

3 responses to “2017 Precision/3rd St./G Brand/Easton team!”

  1. Klu says:

    Killer squad! Good luck this year!

  2. Kenney Nieves says:

    NJ Boys, STAND UP!!

  3. A. Farrar says:


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