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2017 Nationwide Conference USSSA




Viera, FL


September 1-3


Championship Sunday with SIS/Thunder taking on Smash It/Scene in the finals


Link to the Conference Championships picture album


2017 Conference Championships bracket/Info links


This year’s Nationwide Conference Championships were played as the first ever slow-pitch event at the new USSSA headquarters at the Space Coast Stadium Complex in Viera, Florida!  The event was a great success as players got to play on the 5 all turf baseball fields for the first time with their 325-365-385-365-325 dimensions.  The tournament used regular home run rules with 16 homers per team if the two teams playing were major level teams and 12 if at least one team was not major.  The scores were pretty low and the fields played much longer than they looked as the opening game of the tournament at 3 PM Friday was a 7-3 SIS/Thunder (#3 Seed) win over Newbreed (#6 Seed).  The game was tied 3-3 until late in the game when SIS/Thunder went up 7-3 in the bottom of the 6th on a game winning RBI by Neil Haglund who doubled and another run scoring on a homer by Ryan Stovall.  Then Thunder held Newbreed scoreless in the top of the 7th.  The first ever at bat in the new stadium was had by Newbreed center fielder Ryan Parfitt, the first ever hit was by Newbreeds Adam Rockoff, and the first ever home run was hit by SIS/Thunder infielder Josh Riley!  The wind was blowing in for most of the Friday games which made runs hard to come by. 

The second game of the championship which used a 3-game guarantee bracket was #2 Resmondo vs #7 Racks and the higher seeded team was automatically home team for each game in the tournament.  Racks grabbed a 5-run lead in the top of the 2nd inning on a Ryan Mcclanahan RBI triple and Resmondo fought back with a 6-run bottom of the second behind the power of a Brett Helmer homer.  Racks grabbed a 10-7 lead in the 4th on a homer by Conference Rookie of the Year Jordan Spaulding.  When Resmondo put up a zero in the bottom of the 4th it looked like Racks might pull off an upset but they only increased their lead to 12-7 on a Stuart Snell homer and Resmondo homered in the 5th (Pearson) and 6th (Umschied) to cut the lead to 14-12.  In the top of the 7th Racks went 1-2-3 and in the bottom of the inning Resmondo got 5 straight singles by Travis Clark, Bubba Mack, Scott Kirby, Brett Helmer, and a walk off single by Kevin Bazat after an intentional walk to Mike Umschied to win the game 15-14.  The scary thing about it was Racks either got a glove on 4 of those hits or almost got a glove on them and some of them would have been a double play to end the game.  Survive and advance is what Resmondo did.

In game #3 on Friday as the 90-degree temperatures began to give way to a beautiful evening it was #4 Dan Smith against #5 Worth Astros.  Chad Mullins hit a solo homer in the 1st inning to put Worth Astros on the board but they didn't score again until the 5th.  Meanwhile Dan Smith got two triples (Matusik and Guill) and two doubles (Bynum and Zirkle) in the bottom of the 2nd inning to go up 3-1.  They added a Matusik homer in the 4th, and a sacrifice fly scored Chris Greinert who had tripled in the 6th and that was all Dan Smith needed to win 5-2.  The wind was really affecting the scoring and home run production.

The final game of the 1st round was #1 Smash It/Scene vs #8 Nightmare/Miken.  Nightmare got off to a 7-0 lead going into the bottom of the 3rd inning as Tommy Melton and pitcher Wes Newell homered amid 3 other doubles.  Then in the bottom of the 3rd the entire Smash It/Scene lineup scored at least one run as they scored 14 runs with homers from Jason Branch, Andy Purcell, Andrew Collins, and Dennis Rulli.  In the 4th Ryan Harvey added a homer, and in the 5th Branch, Dillon, and Reyna all homered to give Smash It/Scene a 19-9 lead.  Then in the bottom of the 6th needing 5 runs to end the game by the run rule, Smash It/Scene got an inside the park homer from Don Dedonatis Jr and a walk off mercy rule homer from Jason Branch, his 3rd HR of the game, to win 24-19.

The winner's bracket resumed on Saturday in the stadium with SIS/Thunder taking on Resmondo in a shootout.  The wind died and the ball was flying.  SIS/Thunder's Neil Haglund hit the longest homer by a lefty in the tournament when he hit one to the far side of the batting cages in right field to give them a 9-7 lead in the top of the 2nd inning and they went on to score 11 runs in the inning.  In the bottom of the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th the top of the Resmondo lineup led the way scoring 5, 7, and 4 runs to take a 23-21 lead.  But it was all SIS/Thunder the rest of the way as they scored 4 in the 6th on a big homer by Josh Riley, and added an impressive 11 runs in the top of the 7th on 11 hits to close out Resmondo 36-26.  Josh Riley was on base all 6 of his at bats with 5 hits and Tyler Driskell was 4-4 with a walk in the game.  Resmondo's defense wasn't sharp and their offense left too many runners on base to win.

In the other semifinal which started around 10 AM Saturday morning Dan Smith scored 9 runs in the top of the 5th inning to grab a 16-13 lead.  In the top of the 6th Dan Smith scored 5 more on homers by SS Freddie Bynum and pitcher LC Watson to grab a 21-14 lead and added 2 more runs on singles by Chris Greinert and Jason Matusik in the top of the 7th to lead 23-17.  Smash It/Scene in the bottom of the 7th seemed unfazed by the 5-run deficit as they got a 1 out single from Dedonatis, doubles from Payne and Briggs, and homers from Branch and Purcell to cut the lead to 1 run.  But two straight fly outs ended the game and Dan Smith had the upset and stopped Smash It/Scenes 28 game win streak!

The winner's bracket championship started early afternoon Saturday and it was all SIS/Thunder.  After an early 4-1 Dan Smith lead, SIS/Thunder scored 7 in the 3rd on 4 home runs, 3 in the 4th on a Yates 3 run homer, 4 more on 3 homers in the 4th and put away Dan Smith with 6 runs in the bottom of the 6th.  Dan Smith never did give up but lost 21-15.  In the game SIS/Thunder's lefty hitter Kyle Olsen took one of his two homers straight out of center field an area that only Ryan Harvey seemed to be able to hit it. 

In the loser's bracket, a depleted Newbreed team used a 7 run 4th inning to beat Racks 21-13.  Worth Astros beat Nightmare 26-24 back on the Rawlings field in the baseball quad.  The fields in the baseball quads are sponsored by Rawlings, Easton, Wilson, and Marucci and each field is named after the sponsor which is painted on it.  Newbreed then got a walk off homer by Jeff Flood to beat Nightmare 20-19.  Racks sent home Astros 32-22 on Rawlings field before being eliminated by Resmondo 27-9.  And Smash It/Scene in the stadium Saturday run ruled Newbreed 23-8 as Ryan Harvey went 3-4 with 3 homers and 6 RBI.  Rain then washed out the final loser's bracket game of the day so that was moved to 8 AM Sunday morning.

On Sunday it was the top 4 teams in the nation battling it out starting with Resmondo and Smash It/Scene in the loser's semifinals.  Smash It/Scene broke a 7-7 tie in the bottom of the 4th inning by batting around the order with no outs and grabbed a 22-11 as they exposed the Resmondo defense repeatedly.  Resmondo fought back in the 5th but SIS/Scene answered in the 5th and 6th to win 30-19.  Andy Purcell and Ryan Harvey each homered 3 times in the game.

In the loser's bracket finals, the wind was still dead and the ball was still flying as Dan Smith scored 6 runs in the top of the 2nd to tie Smash It/Scene 11-11.  In the bottom of the 2nd Smash It/Scene added 9 runs on homers by Harvey, Collins, and Purcell.  Dan Smith had shot themselves in the foot by letting up double digit unearned runs in the first couple of innings.  In the 3rd inning Smash It/Scene left the door open for a Dan Smith comeback when they put up a zero but Smith only scored 1 and Smash It Scene pulled away to a 33-19 win on the strength of 5 more homer's.  Leadoff man Jason Branch was 5-5 with 2 HR and a walk in the game.  

Around 11:30 AM Sunday the championship started under overcast skies and very little wind.  SIS/Thunder's Yates, Haglund, and Costantino all hit solo homers to start the game and it almost felt as though they had forgotten about the 16 HR limit even though no one had really reached the limit in the tournament.  In the bottom of the 1st Smash It/Scene scored 4, the big blow a 3 run homer by Hurricane Harvey.  In the 2nd inning Dan Smith grabbed a 5-4 lead on a pair of doubles by Brian McBryde and Brian Logan and they blanked Smash It/Scene in both the 2nd and 3rd innings.  SIS/Thunder also put up zeros in the 3rd and 4th though and it looked like Smash It/Scene would control the game when they went up 6-5 on an RBI triple by Nic Santana.  However, Smash It/Scene wouldn't score more than 2 runs in an inning the rest of the way as it appeared the number of games in the humidity began to take its toll.  SIS/Thunder got homer's from Kennington, Riley, and Yates and then a huge 2 out pinch-hit homer by Kevin Filby that was hit out at the 365 mark in right center field and actually went off of the glove of Smash It/Scene right fielder Andrew Collins who tried to rob it.  Then Jeremy Yates added an inside the park homer down the left field line when the Smash It/Scene left fielder moved all the way over into left center on a defensive shift.  Smash It/Scene needing 5 to tie in the bottom of the 7th managed just a solo homer by Andy Purcell and faded quietly to a 15-11 loss.

SIS/Thunder wins the Conference Championships undefeated.  They did so by matching Smash It/Scene's defense, pitching, and offense as well as their power.  The new stadium played long even with smaller dimensions than both the Disney stadium and Osceola Park.  The scores were fairly low, the games with no wind were as pure a game as you can find at the major level and the heat on the artificial turf was only bad between the hours of 11:30 AM to 5:30 PM.  The turf played true and slow as new turf does but did have some bounce to it that infielders quickly adjusted to.  They used the "new" Stadium Dudley ZN and it proved to be the right ball for the conditions.  Every one of the first-round matchups could have been won by the underdog with a little luck but only SIS/Thunder and Dan Smith were able to close out games and pull off upsets.

Our coverage continues in two weeks at the USSSA 'AA' Worlds September 16-17, the USSSA Major World Series September 20-23, and then on to the USA Softball Super and 'A' Nationals September 28th through October 1st.

I will have a write up on the Conference Championships Last Chance Qualifier tournament in a separate report. 


Saturday Dan Smith bats against SIS/Thunder in the winner's bracket championship game


Team Breakdown:
 8 Teams Overall
8 Nationwide Conference USSSA Teams
6 Major Teams
 2 'AA' Teams


The temporary scoreboard.  The new one will be built in behind left field and be a little bigger than Disney,

where you see that construction going on.

Smash It/Scene takes down Dan Smith to advance to the finals

Night shots Friday of the beautiful Space Coast Stadium field

A panoramic view of the Space Coast Stadium and its 325-365-385-365-325 dimensions

When teams were warned about swearing both managers were brought out and given their one warning at the same time.


The "new" Dudley Stadium ZN was used with the "EW" codes.

Same ball was used at the Hall of Fame Classic and the same ball will be used at the Major World Series




Oldscout pollers went with the favorite Smash It/Scene and lost to the 10% SIS/Thunder pick.

DW was one out of five people that picked Thunder to win in the pickem.  53 people played the pickem.



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Here is a link to archived games which I will be adding as I upload them.



Long Bombers of the Week


SIS/Thunders Ryan Stovall seemed to be the early favorite in homer's when the wind was blowing in.  Neil Haglund hit the longest left handed homer I feel.  But Ryan Harvey I believe led the tournament in homer's and hit two off the top of the batters eye in center field and hit missiles to the left and right of it and the one missile had to be the highest exit speed of the tournament.



Conference Awards and Final Standings

Here is a link to the Nationwide Conference USSSA Awards

Player Tournament Awards Players Name Plays For
Offensive Tournament MVP Ryan Harvey SMASH IT/SCENE/TDB/MIKEN/WORTH
All Tournament Team Don Dedonatis Iii SMASH IT/SCENE/TDB/MIKEN/WORTH
All Tournament Team Andy Purcell SMASH IT/SCENE/TDB/MIKEN/WORTH
All Tournament Team Jason Branch SMASH IT/SCENE/TDB/MIKEN/WORTH
All Tournament Team Kevin Kennington SIS/THUNDER/MIKEN/WORTH/LOUISVILLE
All Tournament Team Scott Kirby Resmondo/O.A.Apparel/H.Auto/SPTank
All Tournament Team Andrew Collins SMASH IT/SCENE/TDB/MIKEN/WORTH
All Tournament Team Jason Matusik Dan Smith/Menosse
All Tournament Team Donnie Hammonds Dan Smith/Menosse
All Tournament Team Loyd Watson Dan Smith/Menosse
All Tournament Team Kyle Pearson Resmondo/O.A.Apparel/H.Auto/SPTank
Place State Team Team Class Wins Losses Ties Runs
Avg Runs
Avg Run
1 NY – Wading River SIS/THUNDER/MIKEN/WORTH/LOUISVILLE  USSSA-SPMensMajor 4 0 0 79 55 19.8 13.8 6.0 36 300
2 NY – Rochester SMASH IT/SCENE/TDB/MIKEN/WORTH  USSSA-SPMensMajor 4 2 0 143 93 23.8 15.5 8.3 33 225
3 CAN – San Jose Dan Smith/Menosse  USSSA-SPMensMajor 2 2 0 62 78 15.5 19.5 -4.0 23 200
4 FLS – Winter Haven Resmondo/O.A.Apparel/H.Auto/SPTank  USSSA-SPMensMajor 2 2 0 87 89 21.8 22.3 -0.5 27 175
5 WA – Tukwila NEWBREED/GTS/DEMARINI  USSSA-SPMensMajor 2 2 0 52 62 13.0 15.5 -2.5 21 155
5 WY – Casper Racks/Sonny's/Athlon/Easton/Cutter  USSSA-SPMensMajor 1 3 0 68 85 17.0 21.3 -4.3 32 155
7 IN – Indianapolis WORTH ASTROS / K&G / KLUTCH  USSSA-Mens-AA 1 2 0 50 61 16.7 20.3 -3.7 26 130
7 MO – Branson Nightmare/Miken  USSSA-Mens-AA 0 3 0 52 70 17.3 23.3 -6.0 24 130



Team by team notes brought to you by:


1st Place SIS/Thunder/Miken/Worth/Louisville

Conf Major from NY  4-0 Record

I don't believe they ever give out all tournament awards for the Conference Championships but if they did MVP would probably go to Vitcak who did real well with the pitching and bat.  Yates, Kennington, Haglund, Riley, Stovall, and Costantino have the stadium power.  Driskell was getting his extra base hits.  Logan looks back to full strength in center field.  And SS Adam Ussery was making great plays and MI McBryde was fielding the hot shots.  This team right now looks to be the favorite to battle SIS/Scene at the Major but they may need some help in beating them once from Resmondo, Dan Smith, or Newbreed.  SIS/Thunder looks healthy, hungry, and focused…and what if they awoke a sleeping giant with that Filby pinch hit homer?

Trending Up!

SIS/Thunder Sunday Lineup:
LF Yates
1B Kennington
RF Haglund
2B Riley
DH Olsen
3B Driskell
MI McBryde
SS Ussery
CF Logan
P Vitcak

Stovall was playing infield some and Filby was pinch hitting


Jeremy Yates and Kevin Kennington


Neil Haglund and Josh Riley


Kyle Olsen and Chris Costantino

Andrew Vitcak and shortstop Adam Ussery


McMorrison with the Facebook live feed.  Tyler Driskell, Adam Ussery and MI Brian McBryde




2nd Place Smash It/Scene/TDB/Miken/Worth/DirtySportsWear

Conf Major from NY  4-2 Record


The 28 game winning streak and 6 tournament win streak comes to an end but the team looked solid and healthy.  Harvey is on it as he has been the entire second half of the season.  The infield defense at least has been the best in the game, and the pitching and chemistry seems to be there.  Not having the win streak going into the major could refocus players so good things expected and they will be the favorites going into the big show.  Cory Briggs at 3rd base put on a show defensively and would be my pick for Defensive MVP if there was one.   Harvey would probably be Offensive MVP although I haven't seen the final numbers.

Trending Even

SIS/Scene Sunday final lineup:
1B Branch
P Purcell
LF Dillon
C/EH Harvey
RF Collins
2B Rulli
CF Santana
SS Dedonatis
C/EH Payne
3B Briggs

Lee Payne won the prestigious John Glidewell award for sportsmanship

Andy Purcell the league MVP for the 6th time had that line drive home run stroke down the LF line going!

Jason Branch and Dennis Rulli playing the right side of the infield

Check out Smash It/Scenes sweat uniforms!




3rd Place Dan Smith/Menosse

Conf Major from CA  2-1 Record

Dan Smith defense, pitcher LC Watson, 3B John Williams, SS Freddie Bynum, MI Kyle Pearson, LF Westy Guill 

Dan Smith won their first two games including that upset win over SIS/Scene where they closed them out late.  Donnie Hammonds played a nice right field for a big guy.  Bynum at shortstop had some spectacular plays.  Watson came up with some big pitches and even earned a positive comment from the coaching staff 🙂

This team does have a knock out punch once in awhile.  Can they get to the chin at the Major?

Trending Even maybe up with that win over SIS/Scene but then back down with the errors on Sunday…

Dan Smith final lineup:
2B Lloyd
LF Hughes/Guill
1B Durick
RF Hammonds
3B Williams
C Matusik
MI Pearson
SS Bynum
CF Zirkle
P Watson/Bloom


1B Chad Durick and RF Donnie Hammonds


3B John Williams, C Jason Matusik

The team leaders – Smith father and son and Pat Dalsanders.

Bynum and Pearson



4th Place Resmondo/O.A.Apparel/H.Auto/SPTank/Easton

Conf Major from FL  2-2 Record

3B Bryson Baker, SS Kevin Bazat, MI Greg Connell, LF Brian Wegman or that might be Scott Kirby 

Pitcher Travis Clark appeared to injure a pinky finger? after a middle war with Racks in their opener and didn't play anymore.  Dan Sanchez took over the pitching duties.  The defense let the team down on Sunday against SIS/Scene when things could have been close.  The top of the lineup was rolling pretty good as the big names seemed to have some big offensive numbers but not enough to overcome the defense or wind in most cases.  The core of this team is the defending champs at the Majors but the 2017 resume shows they will need help to win it.

Trending Even because even is the new norm with this team after they preseason hype.

Please prove me wrong at the Major.  How is that for bulletin board material?

Resmondo final Sunday lineup:
3B Baker
1B Pearson
MI Connell
LF Wegman
2B Mack
C Kirby
RF Wolf
P Sanchez
CF Umschied
SS Bazat
EH Fulk

The Resmondo defense – P Dan Sanchez, MI Greg Connell, 1B Bubba Mack, 1B Kyle Pearson, RF Buddy Wolf


Bubba Mack moving to 2B is the latest rendition of the Resmondo infield defense.

Pitcher Travis Clark only played Friday as he was hit in the hand with a line drive and sat out the rest of the weeken

Brett Helmer played on Friday and hit one of the first ever homers at Space Coast Stadium



Tied 5th Place Newbreed/GTS/Demarini

Conf Major from WA  2-2 Record

An incredibly talented team in disarray.  Chemistry seems off.  Players missing for a whole host of good and bad reasons which led them this weekend to playing multiple players out of position and resulted in a 5th place finish.  All that being said, if each of these guys can just reach down deep and just remember what it is like to play fun and loose and accept whatever role they are asked to play, what can they accomplish?  They can accomplish at least one upset at the Major and if other upsets open an opportunity they need to be able to pounce on it.  They owe themselves, their teammates, and their sponsors that much…

Whaley was missing cleaning up from the horrific hurricane.  Rodriguez got hurt.  Utley and Gastineau haven't been around lately, and Powers and Mooch are finally getting over injuries.  Better things to come but only one last weekend to show it.

Trending Incomplete.  It was an incomplete weekend… Too many injuries and missing pieces.

Last Newbreed Stadium Lineup:
CF Parfitt
LF Bilardello
C Rockoff
1B Powers
P Buck
MI Flood
SS Granados
3B Cordova
RF Rodriguez
2B Mucciarelli

Geno Buck did the pitching for Newbreed as Justin Mucciarelli filled in at 2nd base and right field

Victor Cordova played infield along side Chente Granados



Tied 5th Place Racks/Sonny's/Athlon/Easton/Cutter

Conf Major from WY  1-3 Record

Racks faded in this tournament after that close game with Resmondo where they didn't score in the top of the 7th while leading…  It was downhill after that.  They had most if not all of their players.

Trending Even – team needs to play with some fire cuz they are a very good team underperforming

Last Racks Stadium lineup:
LF Spaulding
C Snell
EH Dodds
CF Kirkwood
MI Rettenmeier
2B Christensen
1B Laski
SS Faria
RF Mcclanahan
3B Genter
P Loudon



Stuart Snell and Dan Kirkwood

Chad Loudon and SS Brian Faria

2B Sam Christensen and 1B Keith Laski



Other top finishing Conference teams



Tied 7th Place – Worth Astros/K&G/Klutch

Conf 'AA' from IN  1-2 Record

A makeshift lineup and a completely new outfield didn't fare well against the steep competition.  They managed to only beat Nightmare by a couple and lost that 5-2 game to Dan Smith in the Stadium.

Trending Even

Worth Astros stadium lineup:
2B Beggs
LF Ortiz
EH Mullins
RF Edwards
C Roop
MI Krider
1B Oneal
CF Aldora
SS Lizcano
P Pinkham
LF Patzig


Worth Astros Award winners OF Mike Ortiz, C/1B Chad Mullins, sponsor/manager Herb Price,

field manager Sonny Yamcharen, 2B Steve Edwards, OF Sid Stephany

Astros loses a close opener to Dan Smith



Tied 7th Place – Nightmare/Miken

Conf 'AA' from MO  0-3 Record

Nightmare was missing Billy Maggard who was back home cleaning up the hurricane and outfielder Zane Trammell broke his arm at USA Softball 'B' Nationals so the team wasn't complete and they rested Newell from pitching to save him for the 'AA'.  They did have SIS/Scend down 7-0 on Friday night but it was downhill from there.

Trending Even

Nightmare stadium lineup:
2B Fogle
CF Dunn
P St Clair
3B Hinojosa
SS Melton
LF M Williams
P Newell
1B J Collins
RF Zemanek
EH Foster
MI J Trammell

Remembering Houston.  All Conference award winner Billy Maggard couldn't make it since he is from Houston and fellow Houston natives Argen Dodds and Ben Dunn brought his uniform.

HELP HOUSTON fundraiser Astros shirts at! Hit the picture to go to the fundraiser page!




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Some more pictures for you:

Bernie Guenther commentating the Championship game

The new USSSA Camera room.

Conference umpires for the championship game


Billy Geatches won umpire of the year!

Umpires at the banquet

A rosen bag at the mound

Batting cages behind right field


There were thunderstorms Friday and Saturday but all games were completed pretty much on schedule

A view from 2nd base


Some of the fence logos


The wind at Space Coast Stadium is hard to figure out.  These pictures of the 3 sets of flags were all taken at the same time.  The ones on the left and right were blowing in opposite directions and the ones in center field weren't blowing at all?

They say a bald eagle lives in that nest.

The managers meeting.  Don Sr let Elliot and Doc run the meeting and wasn't even present but there were almost no questions or complaints at all.  Nothing mentioned about pitcher safety, the ball, the batters box, the conference championship, or the awards.  The top things went over by the leadership was half swings and the swearing/unsportsmanlike rules and punishments.

The selfie section

Crump and son

Doc with some onlookers








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