Wednesday June 3rd, 2020

Added schedule —> 2017 JBL/Tailgaters/All In/B&E/Worth/Miken team!


2017 JBL/Tailgaters/All In/B&E/Worth/Miken (AA)

INF- Tim Sheeler JBL
INF- Charles Cunningham JBL
INF- Billy Lewis JBL
INF- Clayton Shaw Slayer
INF- Aaron Sandoval JBL
INF- Ryan Roppel JBL
INF- Mike Dzanaj JBL
OF – Chris Miller JBL
OF – Brandon Doughty All In
OF – Brian Mays All In
OF – Greg Hawkins All In
OF – Mike Fiorilli JBL
UTILITY- Chris Hoffer JBL
UTILITY- Jamie Simpson JBL
UTILITY- Adam Weimer All In
P  – Jon Dombrowski JBL
P  – Tim Riley All In

Bill Lewis G.M./ Sponsor –  JBL
Mike Paterak Sponsor- Tailgaters
Jay Elkin  Sponsor- B&E
Tom Bradley Manager/Sponsor- All In
Bill Gottschalk  Coach/ Sponsor
Jason Kendrick  Sponsor- Worth/Miken

2017 Schedule:
March 25-26 GSL Moneyball Madness- Columbus OH
April 20-23   Conference Duals -Orlando FL
May 5-7   Chattanooga Major- Chattanooga TN
May 12-14  Columbus Major- Columbus IN
June 2-4  Windy City Major- Chicago IL
June 10-11  Bash at the Peake Major- Glen Burnie MD
June 24-25  GSL King of the Hill- Columbus OH
July 7-9   Smokey Major- Maryville TN
July 14-16  Cincy Major- Cincinnati OH
July 29-30 Big Ding Classic- Pittsburgh PA
Aug 4-6  Last Chance Major- Columbus OH
Sept 16-17  AA World Series- Orlando FL
Sept 20-23  Major World Series -Orlando FL

2 responses to “Added schedule —> 2017 JBL/Tailgaters/All In/B&E/Worth/Miken team!”

  1. MD Player says:

    I noticed Dan G. is missing from the roster. Is he no longer playing or signed elsewhere?

  2. PT says:

    He is along with some other guys from All In and JBL playing with a new conference team out of PA.

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