Wednesday June 3rd, 2020

2017 Backman/ S&S / Dr. Pepper / Louisville Slugger team!


2017 Backman/ S&S / Dr. Pepper / Louisville Slugger

Joseph Bennett
Orlando Castillo
Neil Haglund
Kevin Kennington
Jeff LaHair
Aaron Lewicki
Steven Lloyd
Brian Logan
Lee Powers
Brett Rettenmeir
Reggie Schulte
Ryan Stovall
Andrew Vitcak
Jeremy Yates
Dal Beggs

Jerry Backman
JJ Backman
Dennis Turner
Scott Sunderland

2017 Tournament Schedule:
3/31-4/2 7th Annual Louisville Slugger Sin City
4/20-23  USSSA Hall of Fame Classic – Dual Event
5/5-7    3rd Annual Choo Choo Classic
6/2-4    Windy City Invitational
6/22-25  The Combat Major – Dual Event
7/7-9    49th Smoky Mountain Classic
7/14-16  18th Cincinnati Men's Major
8/4-6    5th Annual Columbus Bats Major

10 responses to “2017 Backman/ S&S / Dr. Pepper / Louisville Slugger team!”

  1. Sad Face :( says:

    No Dudley on the schedule this year????

  2. Roads Closed says:

    Usssa is all, but dead in Minnesota anyways. ASA/USA has really taken off with how well its being ran.

  3. Frolics Guy says:

    Can the ASA guy get a hold of me?

  4. USSSA CONFERENCE guy says:

    Looks to be the 3rd best team on paper in 2017. Unless something happens with the scene. Great run during the regular season in 2016. 2017 the parity with be on par. I think there will be 4-5 teams in the hunt every weekend even when all the major teams are there. Looking forward to starting up this year.

  5. Tim Townsend says:

    I love Backman But they will struggle to finish 4th this year. Powers need’s to go. Need to add a good 3rd baseman, & a couple more good basehitters!

  6. Bob says:

    Lee Powers led this team in Avg last year and hits well as a leadoff. He’s the least of their worries.

  7. Love to meet tim townsend says:

    u r the dumbest person i know that i have never met but would love the opportunity

  8. christopher p rabine says:

    nobody picked up Salas?

  9. Lawrence Sullivan says:

    I was trying to get in touch with an old high school friend of mine-Jerry Backman. He is being inducted into the LaLumiere HS athletic hall of fame for….soccer.

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