Tuesday June 18th, 2019

2016 WSL Pic-O-Dixie tournament report



2016 WSL Pic-O-Dixie


Chattanooga, TN


June 18-19

1st Place – Premier Services/Easton


2016 WSL Pic O Dixie bracket link


68 men's teams from all levels of play met at the Summit in Chattanooga. The basic set up for the tournament is 1 bracket with 4 divisions one E, D, C, and B division. As long as teams stay in the winners bracket they will see teams of similar class. In the losers bracket all divisions play against each other.

The tournament started Friday night at 7:30 with the Championship being scheduled for 6:15 Sunday evening. The first round had a few matchups worth noting. TDB vs Elite Sports in the C division saw Elite win by 3. Both teams finished in the top 5. In the B division Premier beat Cookies/Terry's by 4. Premier went on to win the tournament while Cookies went 0-2. B&B took the Carolina grudge match between B&B and Honey Badgers easily (29-15).

Premier continued to roll through the B division beating Cookies, Buffalo Wild Wing, B&B, and HGC/BWW/Buzini. In the B vs C match up Premier played Elite and won easily. In the winners bracket final (B vs D) Premier played their closet game of the tournament and beat Alabama Legacy by 1 to advance to the Championship.

With having a 68 team tournament scheduled to start the Championship at 6:15, and being predictably behind schedule. There were concerns about teams and players getting on the road home for work on Monday. These concerns led to 2 forfeits in the losers bracket final and the Championship itself. Alabama Legacy forfeited to Elite and took 3rd place. Elite forfeited to Premier and took 2nd place. The tournament finished around 8pm Sunday evening, with Premier going undefeated (7-0)

Here are some links to game videos and clips.

HB VS WORSHEM at the Pic-O-Dixie 2016

HB VS SOUTHERN MAYHEM at the Pic-O-Dixie 2016

HB VS HEMPHILL at the Pic-O-Dixie 2016

HB VS EVO9X at the Pic-O-Dixie 2016

HB VS BRENS MEN at the Pic-O-Dixie 2016

HB vs B&B at the Pic-O-Dixie 2016

Pic-o-dixie clip 1

Pic-o-dixie 2

Pic-o-dixie 4

Pic-o-dixie 5

Premier game videos:

Premier VS Alabama Legacy at the Pic-o-Dixie 2016

Premier VS Alabama Legacy at the Pic-o-Dixie 2016

Premier vs B&B at the Pic-o-Dixie 2016

Premier vs Elite at the Pic-o-Dixie 2016




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